ShareRing: ICO Review

What is ShareRing?

ShareRing is a platform created to ‘borrow, rent or share’ anything globally without any hassle or exchange fees. From items such as tables and chairs to services such as car rides, ShareRing uses the first ever token based payment system using blockchain technology enabling it to be a ‘trusted, infinitely flexible, sharing ecosystem’ that can be used simply between neighbours or across oceans with only one form of payment.


  • Share anything: In todays world, people are changing from their traditional ways and now want to share things. This could be as its more economical or environmentally friendly such as car share but imagine a world where you can share absolutely anything. Whether it being a lawnmower from next door or coffee from Peru, ShareRing will allow you to do that quickly, simply and easily.
  • A global way to payShareRing allows you to buy its tokens using your native currency meaning there is no expensive exchange rates or international transaction fees as all payments will be made through the ShareRings tokens The user will not be worse off by using ShareRing and encourage globalisation and competition as the user will not be worse off by making transactions or ‘sharing’ overseas.
  • Secure transactionsShareRing uses blockchain technology whereby transactions are able to be tracked from its origin to the end user without any possible tampering or human error. This emphasises the accountability of transactions, leaving a highly accurate audit trail that encourages trust from the sharers and owners.

What Issue Does it Solve?

SharePay encourages sharing of absolutely anything globally but does this with trust enforced into its blockchain currency therefore transactions can be payed to anyone, anywhere with no delays. It supports businesses who would like share for the first time and provide a larger market for them but also encourage buyers to find their best option of goods and services.  The app also uses geo-location based technology making it easier for the owners and sharers to know if there are goods and services nearby meaning time and money can be saved having to travel to a certain shop if a neighbour already has the specific good or service.

Token Sale Information

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Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Eliminates unnecessary exchange rate or international transaction fees – uses its own token system which can be bought from your native currency.
  • Transactions are secure – Blockchain system provides a safe and secure transaction system that is unable to be tampered with so everything is accountable.
  • Encourages flexibility in everyday life – If its car share to work or needing your pets to be fed whilst your away, ShareRing can provide with another user to share anything.

  • The app is still yet to be developed: Once the app is designed and ready for usage then ShareRing can be used to full effect.



The potential of ShareRing can be huge, areas for potential application can vary vastly, from using it for transport such as renting a car for a few days to agriculture where you can share someones garden. Having a blockchain entity builds trust throughout ShareRings concept emphasising accountability, eliminating transaction fees provides an ease to the user and sharer. Given ShareRings execution in developing the app and by keeping it quick, easy and simple to use we think ShareRing will be a huge hit and very successful in the coming years.

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