Smart Startup Token: ICO Review

What is Smart Startup Token?

Smart Startup Token is a project founded by technology and social entrepreneur Simon Krystman. Krystman created this project with the goal of allowing ordinary businesses to gain support through blockchain security easily. The aim is to make frictionless trade platform between SMEs and startups.

Smart Startup Token icoSimon Krystman stated that “Established marketplaces can gain a lot from our smart contracts. Buyers and Sellers have automatic agreements that help transfer money for goods and services. They will pave the way for new decentralized marketplaces where the smart contracts regulate the rules of trade. Small businesses can buy multiple smart contract templates.”

The smart contracts will be used for trading agreements and finance operations as well. Additionally, it could be used as lending opportunities in the form of funding circles, CrowdCubes, and equities that users can partake in. All of these options can be set up automatically via the smart contracts.

What Problem Does Smart Startup Solve?

There is an increasing issue within the startup industry. For instance, it’s hard for new startups to receive funding. This means that new startups have to go through extensive processes trying to obtain their investor’s favor.

That’s when Smart Startup Token (SMRT) comes into play. The token allows for small businesses to gain smart contracts, which can help them gain some serious funding. It acts like a vending machine that gives pre-made smart contracts and distributes them in a lined-up formation. And, it acts as a form of intellectual property.

This gives you small business the ability to trade, fund, and create trading rows as well. All users have to do is select a template, place in your token and start placing it into the smart contract. Smart Startup Token also have smart contract specialists that can help you if you’re confused.

The SMRT project is there to act as a user interface where you can change the templates into usable contracts. They plan on creating a great ecosystem for small businesses and new companies, giving each of them smart contracts that can be used for different purposes and can work with automation.

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • Wallpaper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: 90 Million SMRT (Softcap) – 210 Million SMRT (Hardcap)
  • Accepted Tokens: ETH
  • ICO (Crowdsale) Sale Date: Q4 2018

Disclaimer: This post is made for educational purposes. If you’re going to invest in an ICO, speak to a financial advisor and do so at your own risk.

  • Business Opportunity: Small businesses can benefit from Smart Startup Token because of its ability to give companies funding if they complete the smart contract.
  • Strong Team: Smart Startup Token is backed by a team of 20+ developers, a politician, and a CEO who has a good vision for the project.
  • Market Benefit: Large companies such as Gumtree or eBay can benefit from Smart Startup Token’s smart contracts as it gives users the ability to conduct safe trades within their platform.

  • Token Sale: There is no previous market for SMRT tokens, and the token sale might not be an active market for the tokens.

Smart Startup Token


Overall, Smart Startup Token is a great way for startups and small businesses to get the funding they need. Not only does it have a reliable team behind them, but the company appears to be following their roadmap and complete their milestones as the month’s progress. For those wanting a good ICO to help in short to long-term business investments, they should definitely give this project a look.


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