Sp8de ICO Review: Decentralizing the Casino Industry

What is Sp8de?

sp8de icoSp8de is a gambling platform that’s powered by Cardano’s blockchain. It meets the blockchain’s casino conditions, making it easier for Sp8de’s developers to use its network.

With its blockchain powered system, Sp8de creates an unbiased ecosystem that creates a foundation for decentralized casino gaming apps. This allows users to not only gamble with crypto but in a way that’s safe and fun for them.

Sp8de’s main token is SPX and is the only currency that will be used for betting on its ecosystem. Its pre-sale is live and will be sold at a rate of 99,888 per 1 ETH. It has a maximum token supply of 888,888,888, which fits its gambling nature.

After it’s pre-sale, Sp8de’s token sale will occur in four stages. Every stage has a Jackpot round for each of its participants. Its last sale would end on March 10th, 2018.

It’s jackpot rounds are a unique addition to its token sale. In the early stages, participants will have a smaller chance of winning. However, their jackpot lots are larger. Those who enter in later sale stages can win smaller lots but have an increased chance of doing so.


  • Software License: Users have access to the universe of casino applications that are on Sp8de through using its native SPX token.
  • Rewards and Royalties: Sp8de has an innovative support system that helps developers create better apps inside the system.
  • Gaming Chip: You can bet on Sp8de’s ecosystem using SPX. Through holding SPX, you also gain shares in the project’s success.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Projects who have blockchain technology have several concerns due to transaction fees and settlement times. And proving random activity is a major issue. Since miners can affect outcomes by modifying the headers for new blocks.

Spade takes a different approach. It wants to work around these issues and makes a blockchain designed casino experience. It does this through using the Ouroboros consensus protocol which is peer-reviewed and secure. Also, it utilizes Cardano’s blockchain to help make the casino games less susceptible to hacks.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All of our information is made to inform our readers. Invest at your own risk.

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1760890

  • Established Team: Due to its advanced team of developers, advisors, and managers, Sp8de has a high chance of reaching project completion.
  • Betting Token: SPX’s token is made on Ethereum’s ERC-20’s system. This means that hackers can’t mine the coin and inflate the network.
  • Encourages Creativity: Sp8de allows individuals to utilize its smart contracts to make good game designs. And it rewards users through its Jackpot system.

  • Early Entry Issues: Due to Sp8de’s jackpot system, it might discourage new users because it gives more chances for users that enter in the later stages.



For gamblers, this might be an interesting ICO to watch.
Overall, Sp8de is a great addition to Cardano’s growing system. Not only does it provide developers the ability to make their own games that are protected by Ethereum’s blockchain, but it does give you an incentive for participating with them early.


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