Steneum ICO Review – Is Steneum A Scam?

Steneum is a new and exciting lending platform that has popped up into the space. I love reviewing and finding these platforms because they often bring new cool features and ways for us investors to make great amounts of money. By diversifying your portfolio and spreading it over several lending platforms, you mitigate risk and can expect larger returns in the long run. Steneum (STN) is looking to release their new cryptocurrency and letting platform, first they will be conducting their ICO in just 4 days time from this article post. Steneum is looking to be tied to which will be an exchange for cryptocurrencies. Fees generated on the exchange will be used to pay lenders on the Steneum platform.

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Steneum Review

Steneum looks to bring a new cryptocurrency digital asset to the Blockchain world. A promising feature of Steneum is how it is already tied to Bitsten, an exchange which will generate fees. Often with these lending platforms, other than DavorCoin and CryptoXChanger, we wonder if their way of generating income through a “volatility bot” is really true, however with STN coin we can physically see how the funds are generated to pay out users of the lending program. Although the technical values of the STN token are not unique, giving you easy ways to transfer funds with no limits and a quick transaction time, the values that are given to the token via the lending program and the exchange provide enough incentive for investors to want to hold the STN token.

The Steneum website and back office look to be unique and custom coded. This is great to see and adds legitimiacy to the project. We can see that the team over at Steneum are working hard on getting their website prepped and ready for the upcoming ICO. Through the back office you can easily access your referrals, wallets and the ICO page. The current countdown for the initial coin offering is just over 4 days. Deposits and withdrawals have been tested and are working perfectly.

Steneum ICO

My favorite part of these lending programs it the ICO stage, or more commonly known as initial coin offering. This is where us investors can all scramble to try to get into the platform early and get the cheapest price for the token. Steneum are not only having a very low supply of just 5 million coins, they are also giving the cheapest ICO prices:

  • 0 – 1 Million Coins: $0.15
  • 1 – 2 Million Coins: $0.20
  • 2 – 3 Million Coins: $0.30
  • 3 – 4 Million Coins: $0.40
  • 4 – 5 Million Coins: $0.50

These are by far the cheapest ICO prices we’ve seen to date. We certainly expect their to be a rush to purchase these coins, and with so many investors looking to get in early we could experience website downtime or just instant sellouts of tokens.

Steneum Roadmap

December 2017 looks to be the busiest month for Steneum. Not only are they releasing their own token or coin but they are also releasing their exchange at the same time. The initial coin offering will take place in Dec 2017, alongside beta testing for the exchange. January 2018 will have the release of the windows wallet, mining and the coin will be available for local exchange. February 2018 sees the release of the lending program and the addition of the international exchange.

Steneum Lending Program

The Steneum lending program looks to be unique and feature rich compared to other lending programs. The amazing thing about Steneum is you receive back your initial investment 1:1. Often times with these other lending programs you have to exchange your tokens into a USD amount, and then are paid daily interested based on the USD amount, however with the STN token you will be paid more STN as a interest payment. At the end of the lending program you will receive all of your invested STN tokens back, and can sell them for whichever value they have on exchanges, or decide to reinvest them into another lending cycle!

When it comes to lending we believe Steneum looks to be the most sustainable and has the highest probability of sticking around for a long period of time (1-2 years).

What Is The Expected Price Of Steneum

ICO Price Average: $0.30

Expected Price In 3 Months: $15

Returns: 5000%

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