Synapse AI ICO Review: Sell Your Data

What is Synapse AI?

synapse ai ico reviewIf you have a smartphone, tablet, or any other device that is constantly connected to the internet, then you are giving away your data, and most of the time you’re not being compensated. Synapse AI wants to give you a way to sell your data in return for SYN tokens. After receiving these tokens, you’ll then be able to use them on the Synapse AI network for various services, use them as a currency to pay for other online services, or trade them for your choice of fiat coin.


  • Advertisement: Synapse AI provides a way for advertisers, pharmaceutical companies, media, educational institutions, and more to be able to purchase accurate data about the people who they are trying to advertise to.
  • Sell your data: Synapse AI provides a way for the everyday consumer to sell their data in exchange for cryptocurrency instead of just giving it away for free as they’ve been doing on traditional social networks.
  • Run by AI: The Synapse network is run by an intelligent AI that learns every day from the data that you upload. The AI is far less likely to make mistakes than its human counterparts.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Most people are giving away their data for free. They get access to an online network such as Facebook or YouTube, but what they get in return for all of their personal information is minimal. These large companies profit far more from your data than you think. Every image you upload, every time you tag your best friend in a picture, like a status, or post your own, you are telling the network something personal about yourself.

From your actions online, large networks can sort you into a demographics, understand what you like, what you want to purchase, what your personal beliefs are, and even your friend network. They will then take this information and use it to either advertise to you directly, or they will sell it to a larger advertising agency. Every year these companies make billions of dollars from the information you share for free. Sounds a bit unfair, right?

The Synapse AI network wants to give you an outlet where you can share your data and be compensated. Users will be able to upload personal data for the AI to understand, and in return will be compensated with cryptocurrency. This network also opens up a new door for advertisers. They can go on the network and buy reliable data and information every single day. This will help them to be able to get into the minds of the customers and design new marketing campaigns and better products.

Token Sale Information

  • Whitepaper:
  • Token name: SYN
  • Total supply of SYN: 1,000,000,000
  • 33% of tokens will be distributed in the ICO
  • Soft Cap: $1.5 million
  • Hard Cap: $15 million

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Good Business Model: Synapse AI isn’t just another online wallet or fast cryptocurrency. It’s a whole new network that compensates consumers for what they’ve already been doing.
  • Run By AI: Artificial Intelligence is the future. In most cases, they’re far quicker than people are. Synapse is embracing this.
  • Multi-Device Compatability: Once completed, Synapse AI will be able to run on almost any handheld device or computer on the market.

  • No Product Available: Since the ICO is so new, they don’t have a usable product available yet. They do, however, have a good team of developers working on it every day.

Synapse AI


Data mining is the new oil rush. It’s already been going on for years, but most people haven’t realized it yet. Synapse AI is going to give consumers a way to take back control and sell their personal data and is going to provide a way for advertisers to make massive profits. This is definitely an ICO to watch out for!


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