TEXCoin ICO Review – Is TEX Coin A Scam?

TEX is brand new cryptocurrency launched onto the market in the last couple of weeks. Although it is not purchaseable at an exchange, you can get the coin at the ICO (initial coin offering). By purchasing at ICO you are able to get the coin at a much discounted price, for being an early investor and adopter. TEX looks to use TEXCoin as the foundation for their innovative and exciting lending platform that will be available in the near future. The lending platform will utilize customers funds, and in return you will receive daily interest payments.

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TEXCoin Review

TEX is already making waves in the lending scene and many people are excited. If I’m being honest I haven’t seen such a well made and nicely designed website from all the previous lending platforms we’ve seen. TEX really has stepped it up and designed a beautiful website with tons of information about their new and upcoming platform. We’ve these lending platforms, we often find that many are made in 3rd world countries, by inexperienced developers who have no clue what they’re doing, but TEX clearly has a English speaking and very experienced team.

TEX currently has all their social media up and running and everything looks great. We browsed around the back office and found everything to be functional. We didn’t see any red flags or bad practices such as locking deposits or blocking withdrawals which is very promising. Out of all the development projects we’ve seen when it comes to lending, we think TEX has the legs to go all the way.


TEX will be selling 18 million coins in their ICO. I’m not going to lie, I feel this is a large amount and totally unnecessary for an initial coin offering to sell so many coins, however with succesful projects such as GoldRewards selling similar amounts of 14 million, it should give the project a large amount of capital to successfully launch their project and hire any new positions that are needed, although their development team looks very strong right now.

The ICO strucure will be the following:

Round 1: 1.8 Million Tokens, Days 1-6, 300000 coins per day, $0.50 each

Round 2: 2.7 Million Tokens, Days 7-12, 450000 coins per day, $0.65 each

Round 3: 3.6 Million Tokens, Days 13-18. 600000 coins per day, $0.80 each

Round 4: 4.5 Million Tokens, Days 19-24, 750000 coins per day, $0.95 each

Round 5(Final round): 5.4 Million Tokens, Days 25-30, 900000 coins per day, $1.10 each

As you can see there’s lots of opportunity for you to get into the ICO. We think this platform will be a successful and profitable platform to get into early, luckily because of the larger supply and slightly higher prices than other platforms, you can expect much more ease when trying to buy coins at the ICO price.

TEXCoin Lending

TEX looks to bring a large amount of profit to you via the lending platform. TEX has made it simple and easy for you to lend coins to them, and in return you will be paid daily interest. You can then reinvest this money or choose to withdraw it. By reinvesting you then compound your interest, making more and more money each day.

TEX offers up to 45% monthly interest rates. This is very high, although is not far off from other projects such as UCoinCash and HomeBlockCoin.

With smaller amounts of capital, your money will be locked up in their system for longer periods of time. By lending out larger amounts of capital, your money will be locked up for a shorter period of time, therefore we recommend you lend out the most capital you can to get your capital back sooner with interest on top.

TEX Roadmap

The roadmap for TEX looks to be moving very quick. Usually platforms give themselves months to develop, build and produce the exchanges, lending and other functionality on their platform, however TEX expects the exchange, lending and explorer all to be completed in December 2017. This is one of the fastest turn around in the market currently. They are expecting market listings on Coinexchange, Livecoin and others by January 2018, which again is very soon. They also have a prediction to be listed on Bittrex exchange, although no lending platform has currently made it onto that exchange yet.

What Are My Price Predictions For TEXCoin?

Average ICO Price: $0.80

Expected Price In 3 Months: $10

Returns: 1200%

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