Thrintel Market ICO Review: Threat Intelligence Sharing

What is Thrintel?

Thrintel Market ICOThrintel plans to build a global marketplace where data on security threats and hackers can be openly shared and distributed to users and devices in an effort to make global networks a more secure place. Every device that participates in the Thrintel network will complete regular security screenings and send real-time data to the Thrintel blockchain. As devices gather more data, this data can then be used to make better security systems and create a safer internet.

In addition to data collection, there will also be a large global marketplace for threat intelligence. Device owners will be able to sell the data that they’ve retrieved from their virus scans and personal digging to any party in exchange for SEC coins which can be used on the Thrintel marketplace.


  • Threat Intelligence Database: Thrintels primary purpose is to create a large database of information on existing or potential cybersecurity threats. Users who collect this data can then sell it to other organizations who may need the data such as large corporations who want to boost their security or to the developers of anti-virus software.
  • Allows Anonymous and Verified Accounts: Accounts have the option to remain anonymous should they choose. This is useful for large companies or banks for instance, whose reputation could become damaged if word gets out that they were hacked. They will still be able to sell their data on the marketplace for a significant sum, however.
  • Secure Transfers: All data transfers are kept secure through the blockchain network. Users will never have to worry about their funds going missing or the data falling into the wrong hands.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Hackers are all over the world, and can now operate on a global basis. Hackers from North Korea can infiltrate the USA, and vice versa. With threats coming from every angle of the globe, organizations need more data on threats so that they can properly protect themselves from these threats. This can be achieved through the Thrintel Marketplace where device users and data collectors can sell their information about security threats that they have been the victims of.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • Thrintel’s goal is to create a safer internet using blockchain technology
  • The ability for accounts to sell data anonymously encourages more users
  • Blockchain allows for accurate and fast updates to the database

  • Exact ICO dates still haven’t been released, although the whitepaper states it will sometimes occur in July
  • The Whitepaper isn’t very comprehensive given the nature of their project

Thrintel Market


With the global security market growing every year, the need for data concerning security threats is greater than ever. Whether you’re a software developer, anti-virus creator, or just a large bank or government organization trying to make their systems more secure, data on all potential threats is helpful to create the most comprehensive protection plan. The Thrintel Marketplace thinks that they can achieve this by allowing devices from all around the world to contribute to the database and sell their information.


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