Tru Reputation ICO Review: Can it Improve Previous Reputation Systems?

What is Tru Reputation?

Tru Reputation was created so that individuals and businesses get authentic and quality reputation management. It’s the first online reputation system that uses a Semantic Terms Feedback algorithm.

The entire platform was created off of Ethereum’s blockchain technology. This means that Tru Reputation is 100% transparent, decentralized and unregulated which leads to genuine reviews. The technology goes under the network and acts as the main medium of public scrutiny, storage, non-refutation, and computation.

tru icoAspects

  • Reward Driven: Each of the parties gains feedback within its network. Users gain TRU Reputation tokens. These tokens are used for 3rd parties who want to use Tru reputation to value and calculate your effort
  • Immutable: Tru Reputation’s data is non-repudiable and immutable. This provides the highest levels of security and feedback trust within the network.
  • Multi-Lingual: Tru Reputation localizes different languages when users from different countries provide feedback. Because of this, it helps international commerce by reducing language and communication barriers.
  • Patent Pending Algorithm: Through its Semantic Term Feedback Algorithm, Tru Reputation ensures that the reputation system is easy to understand. It provides simple feedback that is also protected from fake reviews and bots.
  • Persistent Reputation: Tru Reputation allows users to place their reputation credentials outside of its network.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Traditional reputation systems have received criticism for the issues they present. For example, users can leave negative reviews on a company without having their own credentials identified. This makes it virtually impossible for users to be gauged accurately and doesn’t allow for its users to receive proper feedback on their work.

According to its whitepaper, Tru Reputation is used to receive realistic feedback from various individuals. To make its network more authentic, each reviewer is pre-qualified and vetted to prevent what typically happens in traditional networks.

Now, the pre-sale has a 25% bonus per TRU token. TRU tokens are its native cryptocurrency and are used for 3rd party members, or professional companies discover your reputation. Thus, making it a great crypto for both employees and employers.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Don’t take our content as investment advice. Everything that is written is for educational purposes only.

  • Reputation Management: Tru Reputation gives users the ability to establish a good reputation through completing work and finishing smart contracts with employers.
  • Accurate Reputation Search: Unlike traditional reputation management systems, hiring managers, employers, and other 3rd parties will have to use TRU tokens to find your reputation.
  • Mutual Feedback: By requiring both sides to provide feedback, it allows for both sides of the transaction to act on their best behavior when they are providing feedback.

  • Legal: Will this ICO be legal internationally? It doesn’t explain it thoroughly in the whitepaper.



Previous reputation systems have made the issue of allowing fake reviews to occur on their network. Check out this review to see how Tru Reputation helps users provide accurate feedback about each other and make a safer network.


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  1. Yes the Token Sale is legal internationally- hence why we don’t need to refer to it. It’s a utility token, anyone, anywhere can participate.

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