True Game ICO Review: Online Gambling Meets Blockchain

What is True Game?

truegame ico reviewTrue Game is an iGaming platform that has gained positive feedback from the online gambling community. It features over a dozen games like lotteries, gift boxes, scratch cards, and prize draws. They are currently seeking investors and funds and created an Initial Coin Offering to seek them.

True Game’s developers state that unlike most ICOs, they actually use blockchain technology to solve issues. They also state that they have a professional team that’s experienced and will do everything to ensure that the company grows via offering the best technology and service to their customers.

How Does it Work?

True Game asserts that the casino industry will double in revenue in 4-5 years. Due to this, it has to solve the most fundamental problems in the industry: The players are unable to trust companies. Only through the use of blockchain technology can these issues be solved.

TrueGame promises true transparency through the use of blockchain. As a result, each user gets a fair chance on each game that they play on the platform. How does this work? Through using smart contracts to keep the numbers randomly generated in each game. And, every game’s data will be stored on blockchain’s public databases.

This means that when a user plays on Truegame’s platform, they’ll be safe from scams, which frequently happen within the industry. After each game, the results are stored; meaning that the results nor data aren’t falsifiable.

The blockchain that’s used is also created by TrueGame as well. So, having a flexible and thoughtful blockchain architecture, the company can utilize their technology and apply it to their games.

Since its blockchain does the work such as randomly creating the numbers and distributing the players’ winnings, the rules on True Game will be followed and adhered to to protect the integrity and quality of the platform.

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • Maximum Token Supply: 300,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 9,000,000 USD

Disclaimer: Our information is used for educational reasons only. Invest in ICOs at your own risk.

  • Gaming Fairness: Through the use of blockchain, True Game can help their users play without having to experience their data being compromised or the game showing unfair outcomes.
  • Smart Contracts: The smart contracts are used to ensure that the user is paid after receiving the correct outcome or jackpot during the game.
  • High Jackpot Distribution: In their whitepaper, True Game’s development team aims to give 33% of their total tokens into their Jackpot holdings making it easier for users to gain a benefit and a large number of tokens when using their platform.

  • High Competition: True Game is competing with Sp8de and Gamblica, both blockchain projects related to online gambling. It will have to create an innovative platform that’s able to beat the competition.
  • Token Safety: How will True Game protect their token from data breaches and third-party hackers?
  • User Efficiency: While the game has a fair outcome form of coding, how does it plan on preventing the addition of fake users on their platform?

True Game


To conclude, we believe that True Game is a great ICO for those wanting to get started with online gambling. If you’re serious about gambling in a safe and protected way, this ICO is the way to go.


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