UNIXCoin ICO Review – Is UNIX Coin A Scam?

Unix Coin is one of the latest cryptocurrency ICOs to be released in late November 2017. We have seen the total member count grow day on day, whilst reviewing and reading about the platform I’ve grown quite fond of the design, back office and the upcoming initial coin offering, which gives good rates to investors. They have developed some ingenious investment programs, where you can passively grow your invested money. The low supply of six million coins and the high demand to get in early will cause early investors to make tons of money! We are talking 10x gains in the space of a week or two and close to 25 times or even 30 times your money in the space of a few months.

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UNIX Coin Review

I review a couple of lending programs a day and I share the ones that I like with my readers. Not often do I come across a platform that I like ALOT. UNIX Coin provides one of the most graphically impressive sites I’ve seen, some serious work has gone into developing the website and back end. Not only does the front end of the website look and feel great, but using the back office where you can contribute to the ICO, deposit or withdraw bitcoin to your wallet and look at your referrals, all functions perfectly! I didn’t experience any “clunkiness” that I’ve previously experienced on platforms that ironically have not done so well.

UNIX Coin has so far stuck to their roadmap. Some programmes that I’ve entered into (and not written a review here for obvious reasons), have been unable to stick to their planned roadmap. What we’ve seen from past experience is that companies that stick to their deadlines perform better. DavorCoin is a perfect example of this, they always are on time and stuck to their deadlines and now their coin is flourishing.


The ICO or more commonly known as initial coin offering is the process of distributing the coins at a starting price to early investors. ICO’s involve some trust on the investors end, however by trusting in the company you are able to reap huge gains. UNIX Coin so far has started their ICO on the 26th of November, the final date of the ICO will be December 25th 2017. They are planning to sell 6 Million coins during the ICO at a starting price of $0.90 and a final price of $1.40. If you are able to get in any of the phases, then you are sure to profit.

If you don’t have that much cryptocurrency on your hands, or your investments are elsewhere, you can always share UNIX Coin with your friends and get a % reward for any contributions they make. The ICO stages will be as follows:

  • 50 – 1M coins: $0.90
  • 1M – 2M coins: $1.00
  • 2M – 3M coins: $1.10
  • 3M – 4M coins: $1.20
  • 4M – 5M coins: $1.30
  • 5M – 6M coins: $1.40

As you can see it’s much better to get into the platform earlier, however these differences in prices are minuscule when it comes to post ICO phases of the coin. UNIX Coin will likely multiply its value several times, so whether you enter the ICO at $0.90 or $1.40, you’ll still be getting great return on investment.

UNIX Coin Roadmap

UNIX Coin started their project in October 2017 and so far they have developed the website, web wallet, coin building and created the initial concept. During November 2017 they have started their ICO and launched marketing and communication with its users.

Into the future the UNIXCoin brand looks to develop their PoW and PoS algorithms, implement their lending program, affiliate program and the internal exchange market. All of this is expected in the middle of December 2017 (wow they work fast).

Throughout 2018 they are looking to get listed on CoinMarketCap, have a $25 target price (2500% ROI) and release their Android and iOS platform.

By the end of 2018 they are looking to have a price per UNIX Coin to be $200. All we can say is WOW, thats nearly a 20000% return on investment. We’re excited for that.

UnixCoin ICO

UNIX Coin Lending Program

The lending program at UNIXCoin is slightly different to previous lending platforms you may have seen. There is 2 types of lending programs, the “Innovative Hybrid Lending Program” and the “Standard Lending Program“.

We’ll start with the Hybrid Innovative Lending Program, it offers shorter returns paid at the end of the term. You can choose to lock your investment up for 7, 15, 30 or 45 days and in return you will be paid interest rates of 3%, 9%, 20% or 35% depending on the amount of time you lock your investment for. This is a one time payment and will not be paid daily like most lending programs.

Then we have the Standard Lending Program, this is very similar to other programs such as EthConnect, GoldRewards and others. You earn up to 48% monthly interest by locking your money up for 45 – 179 days, depending on the size of your investment.

What Are My Price Expectations Of UnixCoin?

Average ICO Price: $1.20

Expected Price In 3 Months: $50

You can find the Unix Coin Reddit here: UnixCoin Reddit

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