Vantage Network: ICO Review

What is Vantage Network?

Donating to charity can be an extensive and complicated process. One of the problems with the traditional charity methods is that donors are not notified about the program’s progress. This leaves charity programs open to use donation money for their own personal benefit freely.

Vantage Network is a project that aims to help donors keep track of fundraising campaigns. It allows donors to see how the money is being spent down to the transaction level. This visibility increases donor confidence, which leads to more investments in helping people that are in need.

Vantage Tokens are an important part of Vantage Network. A small portion of every donation will be converted into XVT. These tokens are then used by the platform to record how fundraising organizations use the donation money received.

The network has a web portal helps nonprofits manage their campaigns and make donation points, a payment application that shows their spending contributions, an asset management platform that operates the software and system APIs that integrate multiple nodes in order to track the generation of campaign analysis and fiat currency.

vantage network icoFor donors, Vantage Network provides them the transparency needed to help increase trust between donors and NPOs. As a result, both sides work together and hold the fundraiser program accountable for each purchasing decision they make.


  • Donation Tracking: Donations can be tracked by a unique tracking ID.
  • Nonprofit Integration: Nonprofit organizations don’t have to use cryptocurrency to use Vantage Network. This makes it easier for organizations to use the platform without having to remove their native currency.
  • Expansion: Since Vantage Network has an easy to use the system, the project has a good chance of growing worldwide in the future.
  • Ease of Use: This platform doesn’t require any prior knowledge of blockchain. Thus, making it easier for new users, investors, and health care professionals to use Vantage Network more effectively.

Token Metrics

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  • Increases User Trust: Unlike other ICOs, Vantage Network’s system was designed to help users have a better insight on the charities they’ve invested into.
  • Fundraiser Integration: The most distinctive feature of Vantage Network is that existing and future fundraising platforms can be integrated with the project. Thus, making it easier for users to add their fundraising program and receive donations immediately.
  • Fundraiser Incentives: With Vantage Network, fundraisers can receive the donation money they need to help their intended audience. As a result, Vantage Network helps eliminate the possibility of fraud and rewards the fundraisers that have a definite purpose.

  • Team Visibility: While they do have a full working team behind the project, there are some members that don’t have a LinkedIn account. This minor flaw can have some investors questioning the ICO’s credibility.
  • No MVP: This is a great project idea, but they have yet to create an MVP. We’ll have to see how the project performs once it is fully launched.

Vantage Network


In the end, you’ll want a system that can help you keep track of your donations. And with Vantage Network, you’ll have a system that’s designed to keep track of your nonprofit organizations. If this project is fully launched, it will help fundraisers stay transparent and help accomplish their goals while giving investors the ability to fund programs that are working to make the world a better place.


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