Vestarin ICO Review: Creating a Decentralized Global Marketplace

What is Vestarin?

vestarin ico reviewVestarin is an ICO project that aims to help users and marketplaces interact in a safe, decentralized manner. Unlike other marketplaces, Vestarin is multilingual. This makes it easier for them to expand to other countries and help foreign countries participate and enjoy the platform comfortable.

These are the current languages supported by Vestarin:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Germany
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

In fact, there are 7 more languages that are used on Vestarin. Because of this, it improves the global economy by letting major investors in each country get involved.

Also, Vestarin helps present information in an organized format. It places the information in sections and categories so that users can save time and find exactly what they need. Vestarin helps by making it easier for people to buy and sell goods while remaining open for users across to gain the benefits of its platform.


Here’s a simple overview as to how Vestarin works:

  1. Owners of services and shops exchange points and integrate their business on Vestarin’s platform. Users can pay for these services using VST Tokens.
  2. ICO representatives place their projects onto Vestarin’s network, while users can discuss and estimate them in public to build the reputation, which allows the investors to rely on it.
  3. Vestarin gives their users a set of the latest technologies and cryptocurrency news from a myriad of sources to appeal to a worldwide audience.
  4. Cryptogizmos and blockchain professionals have one place to start coworking.

What Issue Does it Solve

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it can be difficult for the average user to pay for services. They would have to seek for the ICO, hope that it’s reputable, and then hope that the users on that platform have the service they need.

With Vestarin, it solves this problem through its innovative platform. When users obtain VST tokens, they are introduced to Vestarin’s marketplace where they can buy goods and service with their cryptocurrency.

Simply, Vestarin wants to help users spend their cryptocurrency with ease. The token falls into the store’s asset, and the store sets their price for the product they are trying to sell. You can buy goods in fiat money or external cryptocurrency.

Token Sale Information

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  • Decentralized Marketplace: Vestarin gives you a marketplace where users can buy important goods and services through its network.
  • Multilingual: With over 10+ languages supported, Vestarin is versatile and allows users from any side of the world participate in its platform.
  • Token Utility: Not only does it accept fiat money, but companies can sell their products through the use of external cryptocurrencies. Thus, making it easy to interact in the marketplace without issues.

  • White Paper: While the whitepaper does explain its project goals, there are slight typos on it that could affect the project’s credibility.



For users that want a marketplace that doesn’t limit them based on their country, language, or currency, Vestarin seems to offer a great solution. We’ll have to see how this ICO follows its promises as it could bring a lot of growth to the international market in the future.


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