Viola.AI ICO Review: Find Your Soulmate With AI

What is Viola.AI?

Viola.AI ICOThe online dating and relationship industry is currently valued at $800 Billion as people turn to the internet to find love. Applications such as Tinder and eHarmony have been the industry standard for years, but even they have their flaws.

Viola.AI is unlike any online dating service that you’ve ever used. It was created by Lunch Actually, which is currently the largest lunch-date arranging application in Singapore. What makes Viola.AI different from Tinder or a similar application is that it’s powered by artificial intelligence.

The AI automatically syncs potential partners and gives them an opportunity to like each other. Once the conversation progresses, the AI will scan both parties’ calendars and account preferences and try to arrange a date that will work for both of them. Viola.AI will also feature a huge online community which users can turn to for relationship advice or to look for retailers who offer services such as flower delivery other romantic gestures.


  • Real ID: Each account is verified by a video scan which the AI matches against the potential user’s existing social media accounts. This prevents catfishing and gives users a realistic idea of their date.
  • AI-Managed Dates: The AI will try to take care of the difficult part, which is setting up the first date. Once arranged, the AI will remind both parties of their scheduled date and provide additional assistance as needed.
  • Continued Relationship Support: The AI will track your relationship progress over time and make suggestions and reminders of important dates such as holidays and anniversaries.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Although some online dating services are better than others, online relationships aren’t faring well. There have been many stories of people getting “catfished” by fake profiles, people who never show up for dates, or just suddenly stop responding for some reason or another.

A lot of these problems are caused by a lack of communication and planning. Viola.AI plans to tackle this issue with their intuitive AI who will schedule dates, provide important reminders, and more to both parties.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

  • AI takes care of the hard part of online dating
  • Users will have access to a global support community
  • Users are verified by video scans to prevent fraud
  • The system aims to bring trust back into the online dating industry

  • There have been other AI-based online dating services in the past
  • There is some question to how skilled the AI developers at Viola.AI are



Viola.AI has an intuitive product that the dating marketplace is greatly in need of. They plan to provide a unique user experience by using their advanced AI which will help to handle all of the small details which are overlooked or difficult for some users to convey. The AI will also be able to handle identity verification. The success of this company will depend a lot on how well their AI turns out to be. So far, though, they have received good ratings across the marketplace, and seem to have a good business plan and roadmap.


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