Votem ICO Review: Using Blockchain for Efficient Voting

What is Votem?

votem ico reviewVotem is a voting system that’s powered by their native currency VAST token and blockchain. The site describes their currency as the “token that gives citizens around the world the ability to vote from their mobile devices and online while giving a high level of accessibility, transparency, security, and verifiability.

Votem’s development team originated in 2014. The project’s goal is to “change the traditional ways of voting” through mobile technology. Now that blockchain technology is starting to mature, the company has decided to combine blockchain and their mobile platform to create a decentralized voting system.

So far, Votem has gained partnerships with municipalities and states throughout the United States. For instance, some of their partners are the District of Columbia, Rock, and Roll of Hall of Fame, Ohio State Bar Association, and the State of Montana.


Votem allows organizations, governments, and citizens to participate in voting elections. The main aspect of Votem’s platform is an app that’s created through private blockchain frameworks. Also, public sidechains can provide extra verifications.

Votem plans to increase the confidentiality of your voting choices and the results from both public and private sector elections. Through mathematical proofs and homomorphic encryption, users will be able to vote safely and accurately.

VAST Tokens use Ethereum’s blockchain and give secure access to the voting platform. Users can spend the tokens for elections, but you can only use one token per election.

What Issue Does it Solve?

The main issue with centralized voting systems is its regulation and its time-consuming process. For instance, election voting takes over 10 days to complete, making it a large barrier to online voting.

Votem plans on fixing this issue through the use of blockchain technology. By doing so, they attempt to make the voting process less complex and easier for users to get involved. As a result, each vote will be registered unique through the technology which prevents duplicate or fake votes to be recorded.

Token Sale Information

  • Website: View
  • Whitepaper: Read
  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • Max Token Supply: 147,000,000
  • Token Sale: February 27th, 2018 – March 29th, 2018

Disclaimer: You should only invest in ICOs after thoroughly researching them. This post was made to inform our readers only.

Ethereum Address: 0x6A9c8Df44Ae3c1B4cDF9243A32e6a8B5661E6489

  • Transparency: Votem ensures that each of the votes is accurate and free from corruption and duplicate votes.
  • Token-Based Voting: With Votem, users can vote using the token. The token ensures that each of their votes is registered and cannot be mined for duplicate voting.

  • Voting Quality: How will the votes stay valid? What will Votem do in the event that their platform is hacked?



Overall, Votem is a good ICO for election and social voting. Because of its platform, voting administrators can easily manage the quality of the voting and speed up the time it takes to finish elections. Try this ICO if you’re ready to use a decentralized system for your next voting campaigns.


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