Wall Street Coin (WSC): ICO Review

What is Wall Street Coin?

Wall Street Coin is an ERC20 token designed to take advantage of Blockchain aspects in terms of trading in comparison to trading on the norm of Stock Exchanges. The Wall Street Coin creators believe the Stock Exchange has major flaws. One being, ‘long process to complete transactions’ where transactions are not instantaneous but take a few days to complete. This lag in the ‘operation trade clearance’ creates exposure for the investor, putting him/her at risk of loss or loss of profitability. Further, asymmetric information between investors and brokers can create a large loss with brokers ‘sweet-talking their customers’ into making investments that are detrimental for the investor but are unfazed due to certain commission contracts. Brokers may also have access to clients accounts who could ‘hijack funds’ and ‘divert fund bids until they are in total control of the money.’ Investors could also be vulnerable to ‘external hackers’ who could take full control of investors accounts with an untraceable method to siphon funds which cannot be redeemed, leaving the investors with nothing.

wall street coin icoThe Wall Street Coin is not ‘just a cryptocurrency.’ The Wall Street Coin team consist of ‘financial experts and legal counselors’ with an abundant amount of experience between them who have formulated and refined an algorithm that utilities ‘Blockchain technology and Smart contracts’ to optimize ‘an alternative to stock market trading.’ ‘Favouring customers,’ granting full use of transparency and decentralization in order to take advantage of arbitrage, generating abnormal returns for investors.


  • Instantaneous: As transactions are in a decentralized environment, ‘the Wall Street Coin offers a faster and more efficient means of transacting’ compared to stock markets. The removal of ‘operational trade clearance’ removes investors exposure of loss or loss of profitability as trades are made instantaneously. Furthermore, due to the beauty of Blockchain technology, investors are able to make transactions globally, diversifying portfolios even further and more efficient than normal stock exchange portfolios, reducing exposure and increase the likelihood of risk-less abnormal returns.
  • Transparency: The Wall Street Coin thrives on the concept of transparency as investors are able to monitor and track ‘every transaction that takes place.’ This concept enables symmetric information between ‘staff of experts’ on the platform and the investors, so there are no ‘fraudulent practices of middlemen’ ‘sweet-talking their customers’ into the wrong investments, preventing loss for investors and providing trust and security within the wall street coin.
  • No middleman: Wall Street Coin provides ‘a peer to peer relationship between customers and companies directly’ so brokers are not entitled to commission regardless even if they have made a loss on your behalf which can be very costly. Brokers have not got control of your money so security is far more substantial, with encryption built into the Blockchain technology, hackers unable to hack the system, even if they tried.

What Issue Does it Solve?

Wall Street Coin removes stock market problems such as mistrust between investors and brokers, placing funds inadequate stocks/portfolios that create a loss or incompetent profit. The long process of transactions going through intermediaries and brokers who charge high fees for handling your investment which can lead to fraud or unredeemable funds. Wall Street Coin ‘absorbs the stock market problems,’ ‘eliminating the presence of third parties’ who convey deceitful information for their own gain. Wall Street Coin provides ‘financial experts and legal counselors’ to provide transparency to investments that are instantaneous, without demanding any commission.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: All information on this post is made to educate our readers. Don’t invest in any ICO unless you’re confident about its capabilities and do so at your own risk.

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  • Provides symmetric information between ‘staff of experts’ and investors on the platform
  • Removes the need for a broker so transactions are fully transparent, building trust between the investor and the platform
  • Transactions are instantaneous, limiting the level of exposure to investors
  • Interoperable transactions create a diversified portfolio that minimise risk

  • Wall Street Coins ‘staff of experts’ will evaluate information before making it public to investors. But if the ‘staff of experts’ make a mistake, investors could have the potential to make a huge loss.

Wall Street Coin


Wall Street Coin can help many investors who are looking to reduce costs and understand where their money is going, taking advantage of Blockchain technology and its transparency. Given investors use this platform and are willing to take a risk on the ‘team of experts’ of Wall Street Coin then this platform can be the right solution.

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