Wealth Migrate: ICO Review

How Does WealthE Coin Work?

One of the points that are more frequently debated in modern society is whether or not capitalism is fair. While the system that we live in may give us access to opportunities for advancement, are those chances becoming less and less common as the rich accumulate more and more wealth?

Wealth migrate icoThere are many markets in which you will need to be wealthy to have a chance of participating, and these tend to be the most lucrative ones, so it makes sense that the odds would have to be evened. Real estate is perhaps the most prominent market that requires a massive initial investment to join.

WealthE coin has a few different purposes, but the most helpful and evident one is their initiative to make real estate more accessible to the average person. Instead of locking away this excellent way to invest behind a huge buy-in cost, WealthE will work to make the market much more approachable.

The average transaction size on the WealthE network is around 40 000 USD, which isn’t much when you consider traditional pricing for real estate. You can even start off with less than 10 000 USD.

What Problem Does it Solve?

So how exactly does this ICO go about solving the issue of wealth inequality in real estate markets? This is the section in which we will examine precisely what WealthE can do and why it may be the real estate system of the future.

  • Blockchain-Based Real Estate: Using the blockchain, WealthE coin and Wealth Migrate allow you to make investments in real estate with complete security. When massive amounts of money are involved, it makes sense that you would want to look after your own interests to the greatest possible extent.
  • Making Real Estate Approachable: Of course, the most notable goal that WealthE coin backs is trying to make real estate a market in which anyone can invest in. You can spend only 1000 USD if you are trying to get into the markets, though the average initial investment is a little higher. WealthE wants to give would-be investors options.
  • Investors from 44 Countries: Keep in mind that this isn’t just some small initiative, as WealthE coin has over 70 million dollars invested by people all around the world. This is an ICO that is sure to keep growing at an advanced rate.

ICO Information

  • Website: Here
  • White Paper: Read
  • Fundraising Goal: 30 million USD
  • Accepted Token: ETH
  • Making Real Estate Affordable: Everyone deserves to have access to opportunities for advancement, and WealthE’s goal to make real estate investment a possibility at as low as $1 is admirable.
  • A Plan for Growth: While WealthE is still in their opening phases, it seems like they have a plan all set up and ready for how they are going to expand. If you want an ICO that is organized, this is an excellent choice.
  • High Repeat Investment Rate: This ICO also has a repeat investment rate of around 70%, which is always good to see.

  • Hasn’t Picked Up Much Steam: While this ICO may seem like an excellent choice, you will find that they don’t have many backers at the moment. Of course, this is always liable to change over time.



If you are looking for the right ICO and you have an interest in expanding the real estate market, then you can always choose to invest in WealthE coin. Thank you for taking the time to read through our review of this ICO.


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