Well Health ICO Review: How to Receive Health Treatment via Blockchain

What is Well Health?

well health ico reviewWell is a project that creates a decentralized healthcare ecosystem through the use of blockchain technology. Its platform aims to eliminate the national borders that placed on each country and globalize healthcare.

As a result, users can have access to the best dentists, doctors, psychologists, therapists, and other healthcare specialists within the medical industry.

Other key members that’s within Well’s ecosystem includes, employers, borrowers, lenders, charities, translators, and validators. This results in the first decentralized marketplace for healthcare.


  • Health Account Management: Through the use of smart contracts, users can transfer their fund transfers into an escrow account. This helps patients get the right scheduling for their appointments.
  • Solves Cross-Border Payments: With WELL tokens, you can send payments to any healthcare provider to help you fix your health issue.

What Issue Does it Solve?

One of the main issues that occur within the health industry is its lack of communication. Patients find it hard to create a connection with their doctors, leading them to be unable to take their medication, or receive the correct health treatment that they need.

Also, the healthcare industry is expensive. Users tend to have to pay copay fees in order to receive the care they need. Because of this, the healthcare industry can be difficult for people with low income to get quality medical assistance.

Well Health solves these issues through using its native currency WELL Token. When a patient has WELL tokens, they can receive medical help from providers around the world. Healthcare providers are also incentivized on this network as they can receive WELL tokens by communicating and aiding patients.

Also, it uses Ethereum’s smart contract system which increases the security of each interaction. Both patients and healthcare providers gain WELL tokens when they work with each other correctly on the network.

Token Sale Information

Disclaimer: Our information should be used for just educational purposes. Invest at your own risk and do so after you’ve researched the ICO you want to invest in.

  • Large Therapy Network: Well Health has one of the largest therapist professional networks in California. It has gained over $800,000 in revenue and served over 13,000.
  • Partnerships with Medical Systems: It works well with Medicare, Century Pacific Medical, Optum, and MyMatrixx. And with working with healthcare professionals on the supply.
  • CEO Experience: Well Health is founded by CEO Ildar Fazulyanov who has over 20 years experience in the health care, venture capitalist, and fintech.

  • Expansion: While Well Health has a good plan, we wonder how it will be able to expand into other countries (ie.Japan, Australia, etc.) as planned on their roadmap.
  • Competition: There are other Health ICOs out there (i.e., Healthcoin, etc.). How will Well Health be able to do well against its competitors?

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