Best Gaming Headset 2017

When it comes to getting a Gaming Headset there are 3 main features that you should look for to help make your decision.

The first is comfort. You need a comfortable headset, that will not produce any discomfort during long gaming sessions. Many headsets are too tight, or the ear cups are not suitable for long sessions and will cause ear/head pain.

Secondly is performance. You need a headset that can produce high quality audio and also provide a good microphone that will allow you to communicate with your teammates smoothly. This is probably the most important key feature, as if you have bad quality audio it can completely ruin your gaming experience. With a bad quality microphone, you will not be able to communicate with your teammates/friends reliably, and may frustrate them if you have interference.

The last feature you should look for is durability. The headset has to last. I have had many headsets which may work for a few months, then eventually one ear cup will stop producing sound, or the headset will break when taking it off/putting it on.

With all of these in mind we have compiled a list of the 3 best gaming headsets, and believe that these are truly the best headphones for gaming.

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Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Our first choice, and our highest ranked headset is the Kingston HyperX Cloud II. This headset is extremely comfortable for long extended gaming sessions. HyperX EmbedI have personally used this headset for over 12 hours of constant gaming, and experienced no discomfort or pain when using this headset for long use.

This headset features 53mm drivers, providing very advanced and high quality audio. It is made of memory foam all the way around the headband, providing extreme comfort. The closed cup ears provide excellent noise cancellation so you can focus completely on the game you are playing. It is compatible with PC, Xbox One and PS4, so you can game on any device and use the headset, and lastly it has virtual 7.1 surround sound, immersing you completely in the game.

This headset is definitely the best available on the market right now, and as a bonus it provides the best value for money when it comes to gaming headsets.

Sennheiser PC 363D

The second choice, and arguably the best PC gaming headset is the Sennheiser PC 363D.

The best feature of this headset is 100% the microphone quality with epic noise cancellation. The microphone can be bent to your desired location, making it very comfortable to use. PC 363D embedA very intelligent way to mute the microphone has been designed by the headset, all you have to do is lift the arm of the microphone piece, and it will mute it automatically. No mute button required.

Utilizing Dolby headphone technology, the audio quality is outstanding. Clear sound quality, whilst still maintaining a heavy deep bass when using it for music. Coupled with the 7.1 virtual surround sound, you really feel like you are inside the game. Removing any distractions from your surroundings and immersing you into the virtual world.

This Sennheiser gaming headset is very similar to the HyperX. At a slightly higher price point, it is the users decision to whether they believe it’s worth it to go with the more reputable brand.

Razer Kraken

The last set of gaming headphones in the list, but by no means the worst is the Razer Kraken.

As with all Razer products, the build quality is fantastic. This headset lasts for a long time and will not break easily. In the hands the headset feels durable, but not heavy. RazerKrakenEmbedOn the head it provides luxury comfort, and can be worn for many hours on end, without interrupting your session with a headache or ear pain.

Noise isolation on this headset is probably the best in the industry. You can try screaming at someone hearing the headset, and they will struggle to hear what you say. With this extreme noise isolation it allows the user to feel fully submerged into the game, and experience the game in a new dimension.

Something that Razer has kept omnipresent throughout all there products is the amazing visuals. Featuring a snake style Razer logo, and a sleek design, the headset is awesome to look at, and will most likely make your friends jealous.

It is by no means a cheap gaming headset but is definitely worth getting.

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