Creative Sound Blaster Inferno Gaming Headset Review

Creative is a brand that many people know for providing high quality sound related products at both the low and high ends of the market. This means that this budget gaming headset comes with a great deal of expectation on its shoulders. So, let’s see whether the Sound Blaster Inferno headset lives up to Creative’s reputation.

Sound Quality

Creative’s products are known for their incredible sound quality, that often is far better than their price tag would suggest. Good quality sound can really enhance your gaming experience and this headset is a great value option for a budget headset. It has nothing on the higher end offerings, but you wouldn’t expect that anyway. For the price, this headset is a great option. The sound is balanced so that you can hear everything perfectly.


The Inferno has a microphone that you can remove so that it can be used as headphones while on the move and is a design feature that is pretty rare on most headsets on the market. The microphone itself records high quality sound with no static and loud, clear sound without having to shout into it.

There are also volume control buttons on the lead so you can easily control how loud the headset is without having to change all of the settings on your console. Perfect for quick changes to the volume or for turning the microphone on or off.

Performance Level

This headset comes in at the lower end of the market, but slightly above the real low-end products and feel exactly as you’d expect. It is well designed with decent enough sound quality that is slightly better than you’d expect for a price. All in all, a very solid offering from creative that is perfect for gamers on a bit of a budget that are looking for a good quality headset.

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