Creative Sound BlasterX H3 Gaming Headset Review

Using the Creative Sound BlasterX H3 Portable Gaming Headset (a.k.a H3), the first thing that the user learns is that its functionality justifies its cost. The H3 headset is now available for $70 USD on Amazon – a full $60 cheaper than the H5 model (its improved version).  It has the built quality, adequate sound and is practical thus stealing the label of ‘portable, affordable entry level gaming headset’


The Creative team have improved H3 with useful features like removable mic and braided cables

  • LIGHT WEIGHT: It is easy to carry and does not affects user experience. One can play for hours without feeling any irritation.
  • PLASTIC BODY: Plastic body gives it a unique sleek look and makes it light weight.
  • COMPACT: The headset portability is further enhanced as it easily folds down to a smaller size. The ear cups do not rotate and the whole gadget fits into all kinds of small backpack pouches.
  • EARCUPS: Just like H5, they are soft and optimized for comfort of the gamer.
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As mentioned earlier, H3’s features and experience justifies its cost thus the sound is adequate and according to price

  • MICROPHONE: The microphone handles background noise good without having to use any software though with the software the sound could be improved. But sound quality is pretty amazing.

Why add H3 to your list?

  • Durable
  • Sound quality
  • Effective design
  • Removable microphone (DETACHABLE Uni-directional noise canceling microphone for amazing voice clarity)
  • Braided cables
  • Built-in controller for audio control
  • 40mm drivers deliver best-in-class audio power and clarity
  • Includes award winning proprietary Sound BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite Audio Profile Software Suite
  • Comfortable and fully portable – fold up and bring them along wherever gaming takes you
  • Works with PC / Mac / PS4 / XboxOne (with headset adapter)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms & Sensitivity: 118dB/mW at 1kHz


Why NOT add H3 to your list?

  • If looking for professional gaming headset as H3 is an entry level gaming set
  • The earcups may seem too small to some users
  • Aux cable not removable
  • Remote only features a volume wheel and microphone mute toggle (there is no play/pause/answer/hang up button to control your media device or smart phone.)

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