Kingston HyperX Cloud Drone Gaming Headset Review

The HyperX Cloud Drone is a gaming headset manufactured and launched by Kingston on April 15, 2016. Kingston recently began manufacturing gaming headsets under the name of HyperX following its sponsorship from eSports. Surprisingly, the renowned memory drive manufacturer entered the gaming headset market successfully and its new products gained a respectable position. Now, these headsets are quite popular among hardcore gamers. The HyperX Cloud Drone is one of these recently-launched gaming headsets by Kingston. It has been rated differently by various editors and users. However, it has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 and it is available on the market at a price of $39.99 along with a 2-year warranty contract with the company.


Unlike its name, the HyperX Cloud Drone is nothing as complex as a drone. In fact, this headset carries a groovy and cool ambiance to it. It is a subtle but stylish headset with a generic design and Kingston’s brand colors, black and red. The body is made of premium plastic in black with red padding on the headband, which makes the headset distinctly light and comfortable to wear for long hours of gaming. The fact that the headset only weighs 220 grams is astounding.

Moreover, the black part of the body is further broken down by the red HyperX logo on the outside of both the ear cups. The ear cup is made up of HyperX’s signature memory foam and leatherette, which is sensually relaxing to the ears.

Furthermore, its 1m long braided cable is strong enough to withstand vigorous or spasmodic movements and it is also tangle-free, ensuring the durability of the cable.


The HyperX Cloud Drone is packed with a handful of amazing and well-thought features. On the left ear cup is attached a sheen microphone with a noise-cancellation feature that responds to a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 KHz, reducing the background noise, and aids in sending/recording clear, quality voice. It also has a swivel-to-mute feature which makes it convenient for the user to mute the microphone by flipping the microphone upwards. To unmute, the user can simply flip the microphone down.

Moreover, on the right ear cup, there is an intuitive volume control which allows the user to readily access the volume controls and change them according to their use.

Its speakers have a 40mm directional driver, which directs the sound inside the ear precisely and enhances the quality of sound output with less distortion.

A 2m long extended cable comes along with the package as well.


The audio output of the headset is quite good and contains adequate bass. The manufacturer’s main focus has obviously been towards gaming as it provides great sound effects of gunshots, explosions, and voice commands. However, the extreme precision that allows you to pinpoint creeping enemies is a luxury that this headset cannot satisfy. Music listeners have also appreciated the soothing experience the HyperX Cloud Drone delivers, but as the volume of the headset itself is low, heavy bass listeners remain disappointed.


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