Logitech G230 Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G430 is the predecessor of the new G230. The latter delivering the same high-quality sound with eye-catching design as the former. Comes with the new model, some new features, and a much affordable price tag. It is a perfect entry-level gaming headset at a low price, opposite the G35.


Users of the G430, which was the previous model, would sense almost the identical design in both devices. Although G230 does not have a USB adapter, no software and utilizes red foam padding, it offers comfortable use. Plus, it features an expandable headband, and yes the most distinguishing features of this device is the swiveling ear cups, a comfortable padding, and a flexible microphone. The swiveling ear cups make it better than most of its competitors.

However, the bad side of the device is that the headset is overall delicate. As the plastic and steel used in the making are quite thin it can hardly withstand a rough use.


Again the swiveling ear cups the G230 offers its users makes it one perfect option for gamers. What makes them cool is the over-the-ear design with nice padding keeping them firmly in place, causing zero pressure or discomfort for long spans of use. The padding is much thicker and prodigious on the ear cups than on the headband.

Gaming Performance

If you are looking for a headset with great sound quality while you play games, go for the G230. On testing it myself, I found out, although the sound quality was a bit flat on the whole it conveyed the in-game action flawlessly without interrupting my performance in the games. It worked fine with Titanfall, but testing this device with multiplayer games manifested a potential weakness that it, in fact, doesn’t really help much in one performance during a multiplayer competitive game like the previous model did.  Similarly, I tried it with Assassin’s Creed Unity, despite the fact that the sounds of swords locking, sprinting through hordes of people, the diving into hay was clear enough, the overall voices weren’t varying adequately to be perceived as different. The sounds were subdued rather than immersive. But in the end, if your goal is to listen to a game without interrupting your housemates, the G230 excellently gets the job done for you. It is however not the right headset for you if you aspire to be a top-tier competitor or experience all the games you play in a movie like quality.

The greatest flaw of the set is its microphone. If there is not the Logitech software to guide it, it sounds extremely quiet and upon my trying to interact with coworkers it was full of static. It takes quite a while and effort to get it working over Skype.  Hence it is definitely not the headset for you in a heated multiplayer match which demands full attention.


The G230 headset does not use any software as mentioned earlier.

Logitech G230

If you would ask for my opinion, I would recommend either just skipping the adapter as the G230 isn’t built for software compatibility, or spending an extra $20 on buying the higher-end model.

Music Performance

In comparison to G430, the G230 is the better option. As this gadget plugs directly into your computer’s microphone/speaker port, it gives it a cleaner and brighter sound than you would get via a USB port connection like with the previous model. In a nutshell, it is very simple to use. Upon testing it with games I found out It works very fine with games, which makes it a great option.

Logitech G230
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Gaming Performance
  • Music Performance


On the whole I would say the headset might not be that much impressive for high level gamers. But still it is crammed with all the essential features the minimalist gamers need. Consequently, it is a less customizable, more affordable, and more streamlined headset that is capable of delivering clean, and consistent sound.


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