Logitech G35 Gaming Headset Review

Developers have been striving to create headphones with great surround sound for a long time, with no one quite managing a good result. The Logitech G35 headset has made great advances however and just may be the closest a model has come yet.

The tricky thing about replicating surround sound in headphones is trying to recreate the effect of multiple wired channels into a small two driver device. All the tech and programming in the world cannot effectively get a true surround sound in headphones with two speakers.
By using large 40mm drivers the Logitech G35 has pushed the limits of its restrictive system, so it is an excellent headset in its own right; however, does not come near the expectations of the 7.1 channel sound advertised so heavily.


The Logitech design is impressive and intuitive with the control panel located on the left earpiece. This allows easier access than the traditional inline cable control and consists of features such as microphone volume, ear set volume, media playback, mute button, and a clever voice changing system. There is an inbuilt slider to adjust the Dolby Digital processing and a compact microphone in an easy drop down location.

Logitech G35

The active mic has a visible red light so you can always be sure on when it’s active, these small features are simple but so helpful, and what many other brands have been missing.


Logitech isn’t incorrect when they claim the headphones use surround sound 7.1 channel. It is true that the processers achieve a 7.1 level; the restrictions of just two drivers means it doesn’t have the ability to produce true surround sound. Instead, it fakes surround by outputting through right, left and combined channels which will sound good but won’t help you detect anything located behind you in gameplay. As a standard set of headphones the G35 is great, plenty of range amongst mid-tone and treble levels although it loses quality in processing deep bass tones. The G35 manages to compete with other mid-tier gaming headsets and provides similar qualities to the Siberia 150 and the G430.

Logitech G35
  • Design
  • Performance


All in all, the G35 is a good, solid headset, but simply doesn’t deliver everything advertised. The price tag could be regarded as a little too high considering the capabilities of the final product. The shining feature that will appeal to gamers is the handy flip down mic, easy to use controls, and innovative design.


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