Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G430 headset is one of the lower priced headsets available yet it has some nice features that are included for the money. It has a decent quality sounding audio, its smart product design and includes a crystal clear mic. It is definitely worth the money for those who want to risk little investment in the world of gaming headsets.

Design and Features

The attractive black-and-blue color scheme has an expandable headband and the mic is easy to adjust. Caution should be taken in handling this set though. The headset is made of steel and thin plastic which seems rather fragile. This causes an appearance that a sharp blow will break the set fairly easily.

One nice thing about this set is the standard audio and microphone jacks that can’t be found on most other comparable sets. No need for third-party software needed as you can plug straight into your computer or your phone. The actual adjustment dial is a nice touch as well.

Comfort is taken into consideration with the swiveling ear cups and the adjustable headband. When compared with several of the competitors, the G430 is considered one of the leaders in this group. Nice to know you can have several hours of wear during your gaming session with annoyance or discomfort from your headset.


As this set was tested in actual gaming experience it delivered a real cinema-like feel but barely. The sound got the job done but did not exceed performance expectations in any one area. In regards to classical or orchestrated style of music sounded rather flat. It is suspected the size of the ear cups do not help to retain the sound very well and appeared to have a sort of echo in the background. The volume can be adjusted from 0 to 11 and operates extremely well.

The mic performed well but there is an issue with the noise reduction features. In normal operation, this is no problem but in a noisy environment, it may pose a problem in differentiating between voices and sounds. The mic performs much like a laptop mic in that it performs but is just lacking that little something.

This system requires Windows 8, 7, or Vista in order to use.

Logitech G430

It is a simple plug and play use but if you want to use the Dolby surround-sound system, you will need to download the free software from Logitech’s website.

This set delivers what a good gaming headset should. It sounds good, has a stellar mic and you can keep this one on for hours. It delivers all this for a minimum investment compared to many of the others on the market and is very similar to the SteelSeries Siberia 150 and the Raptor HS40.


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