Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review

For intense gamers, a good pair of headphones can help improve your reaction times, map awareness, and overall gaming performance. The Logitech G430 DTS Headphone is great at providing these options while making it customizable for multiple gaming consoles. Stay tuned for this review to see if this headphone is the right one for you.


The cloth is gentle and soft and never agitates or irritate the user’s hair even before prolonged use. It’s also good to know that its lighter than competing headphones, thanks to Logitech’s design plan to place its bulky hardware from its volume control inside the cord instead of the headphone itself.

The headset has two 3.5 millimeter connectors that attach to the microphone and the headphones. And it has a USB adapter for port lovers. The microphone is placed at a comfortable distance from your mouth. While it might not have a mute button, you can easily adjust the volume through moving up and down the dial attached to the device.

Also, the Logitech G430 Headphone has a high emphasis on earcup design and weight. It has a simple plug and play installation, but if you want to use the Dolby surround sound system, you’ll have to download the software for free from Logitech’s website.

Logitech has 40mm drivers that are capable of producing a 20Hz-20Khz response. The microphone has a Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser, which helps the users pick up sound patterns from multiple directions. Because of this, the G430 can preserve the quality of your games so that you can thoroughly enjoy them.

The earcups are low maintenance and ergonomic. They are headphones are easily detachable, meaning that you can wash them and change them if the padding starts to wear down. As with its microphone, it folds away in the top or booms out in the bottom to the sound of your voice.

With the user placed in the center, the sound comes from at 360° degree field. You can hear sirens, footsteps with proper spatial distinction. This headphone uses 40mm neodymium drivers that have a discrete channel that’s dedicated to low-frequency effects.

With its noise cancellation technology, the mic has zero interference when you’re speaking. As with its sound controls, it has a mute switch and a volume rocker.

The G430 is one of the most comfortable headphones on the market. The adjustable headband, foam padding, and swiveling earcups make it easier for users to wear it for hours on end without experiencing any discomfort.

When it comes to sound customization, you have can’t make individual profiles for games. If you want to make a soundstage for multiplayer shooters and for adventure games, you’ll have to redo them separately.

logitech g430You can control the treble and bass, or you can customize 10 different equalization settings. Add in its surround sound, and you’ll have a lot of choices to manage when manually creating the sound profiles.

If there are problems with the microphone, you can fix it using Logitech G430’s settings. First turn your microphone to 0 in its sound settings. Second, go to the advanced settings for the mic and change the channel to 1 channel at 48000 Hz DvD or 16bit quality.

You can adjust the treble, bass, volume, and 7 speaker volumes and EQ settings. Yet this headphone still works with the system’s volume control, which is a better solution than a soundcard and or an aftermarket amplifier.

  • Smart physical sound
  • Swivel mic design
  • Decent sound

  • Limited software features
  • Weak surround sound

Logitech G430
  • Design and Features
  • Performance


Overall, the Logitech G430 is a good entry level headphone for late night gaming sessions. It has a stellar mic and can be worn for hours on end, and only takes a few minutes to install. So thin about using these headphones when you’re ready to prepare for the next gaming tournament or a gaming session with friends.


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