Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Review

The Razer Kraken is a range of headsets from Razer. They feature everything a gamer needs when it comes to headset, a very comfortable feel and well shaped design, so it’s actually wearable for some hours without getting a headache! Made with some good materials so it lasts for some time, I have broken countless headsets myself, and to have a headset that doesn’t break when I accidentally drop it is a relieving feeling. The good quality sound, as with all Razer audio products the sound quality is top notch.

Comfort of the Headset

The headset is really lightweight, feeling like it is almost made of carbon fibre, it isn’t clunky or extremely heavy when wearing it, and the adjustable mechanism on the top allows gamers of all head sizes to wear the headset, as it fits from small heads to large ones. Upon wearing it for over 6 hours, I did not experience any head pain or headaches, and my ears were thankfully still intact. The ear cushions provide a very soft and cushioned surface to rest on your head, and as they are over ear, they become much more comfortable as your ears are not being compressed.

Technical Aspects of the Headset

The headset has a frequency response between 20 to 20000 Hz. It has a impedance of 32 Ω at 1kHz. It requires 50 mW of input power. The drivers feature neodymium magnets and are 40mm. The cable length is 1.3m which is large enough for most people. The headset weighs around 300g and uses a 3.5mm connector to plug into the device of choice. The sound isolation on the headset is impeccable, with crystal clear sound, and blocking out all background noise that may be around you, it really puts you into the game. It has very powerful bass, for the bass lovers, and makes music enjoyable.

Visuals of the Headset

The headset is extremely aestethically pleasing. It ranges in 3 colors, Black, White and Green. In all colors the headset looks very good, my favorite is the Black as it contrasts with the Green Razer logo on the side. The headset is rather large for what it is, but this is mainly due to the large ear cuffs that cover the ear. It features a large Razer worded logo across the top, and one logo either side of the headset.



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