Apex M800 Gaming Keyboard Review

Apex M800 is said to be the fastest mechanical gaming keyboard which gives gamers the swiftest response and a firm command so that they can become an expert in their favorite games. It is entirely built for speed and with numerous features, limitless customization, and enhanced ergonomics, it gives an extraordinary performance that is fit for gamers. It performs very similarly to Corsairs STRAFE and K70 keyboards.


With a height of 6.85 inch, a width of 20.08 inch and weight of 3.06 lbs, the Apex M800’s design is inspired by its predecessor, Apex. It is designed predominantly for gamers, but casual users will also be equally satisfied.

It overall looks like a regular black-colored keyboard. The few apparent noticeable differences in design are that it is somewhat lengthier horizontally, all the colorful keys are tightly compressed together, and there is an extra row of six quick access keys. However, internally, it is entirely redesigned. From switched to built-in CPU, it has been built with such intricacy that it fulfills its chief purpose of giving gamers a more exciting experience.

For ideal and flawlessly designed switches, Steelseries partnered with switch technology experts to develop the QS1 switches, which are 25% more speedy. For processing key presses, Steelseries has included an auxiliary CPU at the inner surface of the Apex M800, making it dawdle less. Also, gamers are bestowed with an N-Key rollover, which permits a maximum of 256 key thumbs immediately in the game mode, making it a zero ghosting gaming keyboard.


All of the LED lights situated inside the keys are individually customizable. There are also built-in lighting options configured in advance like Color Wave, Cooldown Timers, Breathe, and Reactive Keys that accentuate its intense and crisp illumination.

Users can create their own individual key programming and illumination designs through personalization, which can result in custom profiles where users can save as many alternatives personalized themes as they want.

The Apex M800 also allows users to fully program and manage the function of all individual keys according to their choice. Furthermore, there are six macro keys for quick access on the left side of the keyboard. For organizing devices and cords, the Apex M800 has designed a cable administration routing region at its center. There is also a USB 2.0 built-in hub so that users can have speedy access to USB devices. It also has swappable rubber feet.


With QS1 switches, gamers experience a faster reaction, so they can spend a little amount of effort while knocking down their rivals. It also has a low profile layout, minimizes finger travel interval, and permits smooth and rapid adaption between keys, making fingers less weary with its linear key layout design and low ergonomic angle. Its built-in CPU makes gaming faster without any lag.

Thanks to custom profiles, when the user starts playing a game, the Apex M800 automatically changes its illumination settings according to the profile. When the user switches the game, the keyboard adapts the right setting with it.


It is a bit pricey, but judging by all the added features like QS1 switches, individually illuminated keys, built-in CPU and much more, it justifies its price. It comes with a quick start guide and swappable rubber feet and costs $199.99.

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Apex M800
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Apex M800 gaming keyboard features a robust durable build. Very colourful back lighting and awesome performance capabilities. Highly recommended keyboard.


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