CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

The QuickFire Ultimate keyboard is the newest arrival in CM Storm’s collection of highly advanced consoles. This keyboard is much more technologically advanced than the previous ones as it can process multiple key presses within seconds. It was launched in August 2013 at a price of $114.77 and has received a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.


The keyboard has Cherry MX red keys as a part of its design that are smooth and have little resistance. The keys are placed in a particular manner to ensure minimum feedback noise and quick clicking. The LED backlighting enhances your gaming experience for late night events.

The product dimensions are 17.9″ x 6.1″ x 1.2″. The keyboard weighs 3 pounds, whereas the shipping weight is 4 pounds. It also comes with a high-quality, built-in USB cable. The keyboard is available in two colors which include red and brown.


  • The keyboard has a backlight with a red LED lighting. There are three different modes and five brightness adjustments that users can choose accordingly.
  • It is quite light in weight, which makes it convenient for gamers to use.
  • The QuickFire Ultimate has Cherry MX red keys with little resistance; it is also very convenient to press the keys quickly during an intense video game.
  • When the keyboard is in the USB mode, users have an N-Key Rollover option. This option is excellent for multiple switching of keys.
  • The keyboard has built-in rubber pads that avoid slipping and increase sturdiness and stability.
  • The Windows keys on the keyboard can be uninstalled during a game to prevent any hindrances and unnecessary pauses.
  • Shortcuts are always convenient with a keyboard; the QuickFire Ultimate comes with seven of them!


  • Many users are satisfied with the keyboard’s sturdiness and quality.
  • The keyboard provides users a choice between MX Browns and Blue. The finishing of the Cherry MX switches is excellent.
  • Illumination and backlighting are top of the line with the five extra modes.


  • The USB plug is placed at a particular angle towards the right. Since most users are right-handed, the cable unnecessarily comes into the mouse area. Fortunately, the cable can be removed and replaced with a straight USB cable.
  • You can update your keyboard only through a Windows PC. Mac and Linux owners need to find a separate PC just for updates.
  • Even though this is expressly a gaming keyboard, some users are not satisfied with the tiny font.


The QuickFire Ultimate has received more than a thousand happy reviews. Every consumer has praised the keyboard’s comfortable texture and incredible grip. Besides gamers, even writers are euphoric about the keyboard’s performance; they have said that the sound is minimal, and typing has never been such an easy task.

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