Corsair K70 RGB Vengeance Gaming Keyboard Review

The Corsair K70 keyboard is extremely desired within the gaming community. It is built from aluminium making it very durable and long lasting. It features mechanical key switches, so you can type as fast speeds and also have the keys last a longer length of time.


The keyboard arrives in a plain aluminium or a black finish. The color scheme non-backlit is very basic. When adding the lighting to the keyboard, it really enhances it’s aesthetics and brings it to life, not to forget the practical effect of being able to see your keys in the dark. You can choose between every colour in the book, as it features the 2016 RGB color scheme, which hosts a ton of colors and you can customize each key to your preferential color.

The majority of the keys are colored in a black finish, however the WASD and the 1-6 keys are all red, so you can distinguish the main keys which you will be using as a gamer more easily.


There are some awesome performance characteristics of this keyboard, but the main one being the mechanical keys. The keys are very durable, and you can switch between Red, Brown or Blue. The different versions come with different styles. Red has a light linear action, whereas Brown is a very obvious bump when you press the key, Blue incorporates the bump from the Brown and also adds a rather loud clicking noise.

On the keyboard you also have some extra keys to control multimedia such as play, pause, stop, fast forward and back. Above this you have a solid feeling volume spinning wheel, which you can rotate up or down to increase or decrease volume.

All keys with the K70 keyboard feature anti-ghosting, so even if you are pressing the most complicated key-chains you will not experience any issues with that or any failed to register keys presses.

When looking for speed typing we greatly recommend using the Cherry Red switches, as these have a very fast response time and are activated on a very soft touch, so you can increase the speed that you type at, whilst still maintaining high accuracy. All the keys are surfaced very well, so you can grip each key and know when its pressed.


The design with the RGB color back-lighting is very fancy, and is an awesome feature setting this keyboard apart. For only $169.99 it makes a definite steal. You get a premium looking keyboard, with a solid aluminium(not plastic) top. Very durable and accurate key switches. Multiple color back-lighting feature. All the keys have a soft touch finish making them grip very well.

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