Corsair Raptor K40 Gaming Keyboard Review

One of the best gaming keyboards that you will see in the market is the Corsair K40 gaming keyboard. I have come across a lot of keyboards used for gaming, but not many can match the features and performance of this gaming keyboard. If you play games, you know how important precision and speed is, which is exactly what this keyboard offers at a lower price range compared to the K70 or the G910.


The design of the Corsair K40 gaming keyboard is very intuitive. It is similar to other Corsair models, but this one has a plastic body. The size of the keyboard is 19.3 x 8.7 inch, which is a bit larger than other gaming keyboards in the market. However, it is not a big deal; the keyboard fits perfectly on the desk. It has a standard style for keys just like any other keyboard on the market, but one of the things that I did not like is that there is no wrist rest. k40 embed1For a gaming keyboard, comfort is important, but this keyboard does not fare well in this department.

I found the keys on this keyboard further apart from each other than any other model. At first, it seems that the keys that are far will be pressed quickly, but the keys having space between them does not improve gaming at all.

Another design feature which I thought was cool but not necessary is the inclusion of customizable backlight. There are 16.8 million customizable lights that you can adjust according to your mood. Even though the lights do not increase the level of gameplay, they create an exciting environment.


When it comes to features, this keyboard has a galore of them. What I loved are the G-keys. With these G-keys, you can quickly access your favorite key combinations, presets, and macros. This feature is perfect for intense gamers.

This keyboard also increases the accuracy of the gameplay with the 100% anti-ghosting feature. You will not feel any lag while pressing multiple keys.

It also has media control keys, which allow you to control the multimedia, adjust volume, and play, pause, and stop or skip a track with a single key press.

Another feature which I think is very useful is the onboard profile storage. You can create gaming profiles and switch between them by pressing the three M buttons.


The performance is not as good as I expected. The keys on the board have spaces between them, which make it a bit difficult to use. This space is not too noticeable, but you will feel it when you are playing games. I’m not saying it is bad for playing games, but it is not better than the other models in the market. On the other hand, the overall performance increases with the 100% ghosting feature, which makes it good for playing almost any game.

k40 embed2

Corsair Raptor K40
  • Design
  • Performance


Overall, the keyboard functions correctly and you will not feel any lag while playing a game. The only flaw is in its design as it does not have a wrist rest. With a price tag of $69, it is a good buy.


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