Corsair STRAFE Gaming Keyboard Review

Corsair, a leading brand in the industry of gaming keyboards, has launched its Strafe RGB keyboard that is a bit different as compared to its previous models due to the noise-free MX switches it employs. It can be argued that it’s the more advanced version of the Corsair K70 RGB Vengeance.


The Corsair Strafe RGB contains a full-size keyboard, which consists of a straightforward physical appearance, swappable and surfaced keys and eye-catching backlight on every key. However, it has no wrist rest that, although saves a lot of space, can be troublesome for users who need extra support.

The Corsair Strafe RGB measures 17.6 inches x 6.7 inches, making it smaller compared to the other gaming keyboards. Although it is quite small, it contains a lot of functionalities.

The biggest drawback of Corsair Strafe RGB is that it lacks dedicated media controls. On the other hand, the keyboard’s top row of function keys doubles as media controls. Instead of a simple and dedicated button, users have to reach across the keyboard to activate functions like play, pause, and skip. Although this helps keep the cost down, it is a huge step back from the previous models.


Corsair Strafe RGB features the Cherry MX mechanical switches that come in Cherry MX Red and Brown for this model. The Cherry MX technology used gives the gamer a delightful playing experience with a quiet and peaceful playing environment, unlike the noisy Cherry MX Blue switches.

Moreover, the Corsair Strafe RGB offers swappable, textured keycaps for the Q, W, E, R, A, S, D and F keys to provide an advantage to FPS and MOBA players who require these keys to distinguish themselves from their neighbors. The keycaps of the above keys are gray rather than black and rough on touch.

This keyboard also contains the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software that offers its users a wide range of customization options. Users can select different lighting patterns or program their own and adjust the brightness of the backlight from the bright red backlight to dim red backlight or no lighting at all. Moreover, they can reassign keys on the keyboard as well as create macros.


With a comfortable keyboard design and authentic Cherry MX mechanical keys, the Corsair Strafe RGB is an excellent choice when it comes to gameplay. The keyboard has been tested on many heavy games like the Titanfall and Star Craft II: Heart of the Swarm, and it has performed extremely well in every case.

The textured keys help gamers keep their fingers on a particular key and if wandered for other commands, assist the user to gravitate back to the right buttons.

However, the Corsair Strafe RGB is not the best choice for multiplayer online (MMO) games. The keyboard lacks additional macro keys and hence, it is not suited for professional players who need to utilize their entire skills at the touch of a button.


According to the features it offers and the cost, the Strafe RGB is the best mechanical keyboard designed by Corsair. The noiseless MX keys and the excellent in-game performance that it provides make it an impressive choice for everyday players.


Corsair STRAFE
  • Design
  • Performance


STRAFE is a very well rounded and balanced keyboard. Featuring some nice red back lighting and powerful mechanical keys, it’s a staple keyboard in any gamers arsenal.


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