G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

The G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a thoughtful throwback to classic mechanical keyboards, but with must-have modern innovations to make gaming and working more fun and more efficient.

G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 Review


Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switch

Keyboards have gone through a lot of innovations and iterations since their advent—especially within the last decade—leaving many users longing for the classic feel for a mechanical keyboard. The G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 RGB features the Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switch to bring back that old school vibe. G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 right sideUnlike modern key switches, the Chery MX Blue has that lovely tactile feel and audible click combo that mechanical keyboard fans love. Better still, this key switch has the modern 2mm actuation distance and responsiveness of the best modern keyboards, and is highly durable, being rated as good for 50 million keystrokes.

Ultra-customizable keyboard lighting

One of the major highlights of the KM570 RGB keyboard is its per-key lighting customization. That means each singular key can be individually customized per your preferences or needs, allowing for a uniquely tailored keyboard lighting experience. The keyboard also comes preloaded with eight different lighting patterns that you could use instead if you’re not into customizing your own. The eight pre-sets can be both adjusted in terms of pattern speed as well as brightness, so you can find the look your eyes like best.

Macro support

The G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 RGB features macro support with on-the-fly macro.

Basically, what it means is that macro is supported for each individual key, so recording is easy and seamless. It really ups your game both at work and literally in-game.

Hotkeys and other gaming and efficiency-boosting features

On-the-fly macro isn’t the only efficiency perk the KM570 RGB has to offer. Quick function hotkeys make controlling media, keyboard lighting and opening Windows apps super-easy. There’s also dedicated volume controls, so you can quickly control sound in-game without having to take your hands away from the keyboard to do it. One of the premium features that really benefits gaming as well as other tasks is full n-key rollover. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you’re not alone. Essentially, full n-key rollover is a feature that nicer keyboards have out there that, most simply, ensures they work better and more accurately. Because of this, you can press multiple keys and initiate a variety of key-driven actions simultaneously without “ghosting”; this technology is sometimes called “anti-ghosting”, because it literally stops your keystrokes from not happening/disappearing, like a ghost.

Ergonomic design

They keyboard itself is designed to be ultra-ergonomic for superior comfort during long gaming sessions. It’s a classic 5-level keyboard design but with contoured keycaps for a good feel, as well as an ergonomically designed structural incline that reduces the risk of carpal tunnel which is the bane of any chronic computer user’s existence—especially gamer enthusiasts.

First impression

The G.Skill RIPJAW KM570 RGB gaming keyboard certainly looks impressive in the pics, but for gaming keyboards with advanced/intricate lighting features, I always reserve my judgement until I see it in person, because often, they’re just not that impressive in real life.

But that’s not the case with the KM570 RGB. G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570 frontOnce I got it up and running and the drivers installed, the KM570’s RGB presets look absolutely stunning. True to advertisement, the patterns can be speed and brightness adjusted, so if you have sensitive eyes, but still want trippy colors, you won’t have to miss out, which is great.

I also had a lot of fun playing with the per-key color customizations. I tailored them to the hot keys in classic games like Age of Empires II just to try it out and really does bring something to the table beyond looks. I hadn’t played that game in a while, so the colors helped me get back in the AoE II grove without being intrusive.

On the note of ease of use, I really like the hotkeys that come preprogrammed. It makes for a seamless experience using a variety of programs, and I can see this feature really boosting my efficiency over time.

The keyboard itself feels great to type on. I love the tactility of the Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switch. I like the sound it makes and the little feel it gives beneath my fingertips. Obviously, in addition to being a gamer, I’m a writer, too, so if you fall into this same category as me, I think you’ll be a real fan.

Final verdict

The G.Skill RIPJAW KM570 RGB is a great keyboard for those who love the tactile sensations of a mechanical keyboard but want/need modern keyboard features that happen to be optimized for gamers. Plus, the lighting is awesome and easy to customize, which is really cool.

  • Classic mechanical keyboard with modern features
  • Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switch
  • Lighting is customizable per-key for the ultimate tailored lighting experience
  • Lighting pattern presets are also included with adjustability for speed and brightness
  • On-the-fly macro support for programmers, pros and gamers
  • Quick function hot keys boost efficiency
  • Dedicated built-in volume controls for convenience
  • Onboard dedicated keyboard memory remembers your settings and presets
  • Full n-key rollover with anti-ghosting tech so your keystrokes are always registered and initiating multiple simultaneous functions via keyboard is a snap
  • 5-level keyboard design
  • Contoured keycaps
  • Ergonomic design prevents strain and boosts energy

  • You have to install the drivers to control the RGB keyboard lighting; while it would be nice if the drivers came preloaded, they’re really easy to install from the G.Skill website.
  • This is a keyboard designed for Windows, so Mac users would best be served with something else; even though some Mac users report being able to use it, you’ll only get full functionality if you’re a Windows user. This is more something to note than a con, because it doesn’t affect how the keyboard works—it wasn’t intended for Mac.G.Skill RIPJAWS KM570


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