Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard Review

Gamers are always searching for bigger and better accessories that can help them achieve their goals more easily and quickly. What is better than a gaming keyboard? A gaming keyboard with the latest LCD panel that shows all the vital information. The Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard houses just such an LCD.


The keyboard has a width of 20-inch, a depth of 9-inch, and a thickness of 1.7-inch, and the LCD is mounted in the middle of the keyboard. The keyboard also houses a  wrist rest for the user so that their hands don’t get tired by long continuous gaming sessions The W, A, S, and D keys as well as the direction keys have a dark gray color, while the other keys are black. The left side of the keyboard has 12 programmable keys, and the top left corner of the keyboard has four M keys which record three different settings for the user. There is also a key which is used to switch between game modes. After that, there is a small menu button and a D-pad which are used to change the settings of the LCD. The upper right corner starts with the brightness button followed by the 3 lock LEDs and then comes the buttons for changing the media settings (play/pause, stop, forward and rewind buttons). Underneath them are the mute button and scroll wheel for changing volume. In the middle of the wrist rest, there is the Logitech’s logo. On the left of the keyboard, there are two USB ports as well.


The LCD is moveable so that the user can set it according to their own needs. It doesn’t only show the live game stats or VoIP communication data but also plays videos and shows images as a slideshow. You can even add your own applets to the LCD, which are easy to view even in the darkest and brightest areas. The keyboard itself is backlit and the user can choose from 16 million colors for the backlight. The user can also set different backlights for different settings. There are 12 programmable keys which can have 36 different settings.


Thanks to Logitech’s anti-ghosting technology, the user can press up to six keys at once. The media keys allow the user to change media without having to pause their games every time to do it. The wrist rest is also quite comfortable, and if you find it uncomfortable, it can be removed easily. However, the keyboard is bigger than an average-sized keyboard that means it will take much more space than an average keyboard, which can be a problem for some.

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