Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G510s gaming keyboard is a must-have for every gamer. If you are looking for speed, precision, reliability and comfort in one device, this is the perfect device for you.


The Logitech G510s keyboard has a plastic body in blue and gray colors. The width of the keyboard is 20.25-inch and the depth is 7.5-inch.

All the keys are black except the direction keys and the W, A, S and D keys. There are 4 small media keys on the upper right-hand side. Between the media keys and number keys, there is also a scroll wheel and a mute button.

The left side of the laptop has 18 programmable buttons or quick macros. The upper left corner of the keyboard has M1, M2, M3, and MR keys, a gaming switch, and the disable microphone and disable headphone buttons.

The LCD is in the middle of the keyboard. The left side of the LCD has two audio jacks and under the LCD, there four buttons that control the functions of the LCD.


The LCD shows your real-time gaming stats and player data. It can also show the VoIP communication data. The server and system information can also be displayed. If you want to add a community-developed applet of your own choice, that can be done as well.

There are three profile-programmable keys i.e. the M1, M2, M3 and MR keys. These profiles will change the settings of your keyboard according to your need. You can record up to three different settings and can change into your preferred profile with the push of a button.

The keyboard provides 16 million RGB color choices and can tell you which mode you are using without looking at the keyboard. There are 18 different programmable buttons offered, and the user can configure up to 54 unique functions with 3 modes per key. You can record single actions, complex macros, and intricate LUA scripts. You can also plug in different audio devices in the keyboard.


This keyboard is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of heavy gamers who like to spend continuous hours gaming. The 18 programmable keys put all the gaming controls in your hand. This is one of the best features of this keyboard.

The backlight color has many options. The user can set a specific color for a specific profile, which will let the user know which profile they are using. However, the LEDs are not very bright and it can be difficult for the user to remember which color was set with which profile.

The gaming switch allows the user to enter the gaming mode, which disables many Windows buttons and allow the user to play the game freely without worrying about pressing the wrong buttons. The best feature of this keyboard after the LCD is the six-key anti-ghosting feature, which allows the user to press six keys simultaneously with each of them being registered perfectly.

Logitech G510s emb

Logitech G510s
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It is one of the best gaming keyboards available in the market. Logitech is known for its durable and reliable products that last for years. This keyboard will be perfect for anyone who is looking for excellence and durability.


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