Logitech G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard Review

The G910 Orion Spark is an outstanding gaming keyboard engineered for hardcore gamers. It bristles with numerous features like mechanical Romer-G switches, a well-built layout, capable of top-level customization, RGB backlight, macro keys, and many other features that gamers would desire in a single gaming keyboard. Overall, it is one of the finest gaming consoles present in the market. The G910 is slightly more advanced than popular keyboards such as the Razer Blackwidow.


The G910 Orion Spark is a great keyboard with a height of 19.9 inch, a width of 9.6/8.3 inch (available in two different width sizes), a depth of 1.4 inch, and a weight of 3.3 lbs. It has a long six-foot cable wire connected to a USB port, making it easier for users to play games conveniently by keeping this keyboard on their lap.

It is longer than a regular gaming keyboard due to the addition of swappable palm rests. There is a total of 9 quick access keys in which five are situated at the front vertically and four horizontally at the top of the keyboard. There are also dedicated media keys, an extra game mode key, and a slot for holding the user’s mobile phone. Overall, it is very tactically designed to provide gamers a unique experience of playing games.


All the keys have exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches inside, which augment the actuation up to 25% faster than the actuation of a standard gaming keyboard keys. Through RGB illumination, users can customize their keyboard with over 16.8 million different colors. Also, users can personalize the backlight illumination with a different color for individual keys, group coloring, or various color themes by installing the Logitech Gaming Software.

By switching the Game Mode key on, it obstructs users from getting out of the game accidentally by pressing the windows button. It also prevents any unwanted popup windows during the game so that users can play without any disturbance. Also, it has a total of 9 entirely customizable quick access G-Keys. Users can program them according to their preferences and can remap vital functions to these keys.

It also includes two palm rests (large and small), which are entirely swappable. There is also a slot, Arx Dock Release, for holding the user’s phone. It also has steadfast media managing keys, which help in playing, stopping or pausing an audio or a video. Users can adjust the volume by an on-board roller bar or skip to the best part of a video just by rolling it.


The G910 Orion Spark does improve the general gaming performance. The Romer-G keys help in accentuating faster than ever, making every move in milliseconds. Its weight helps keep it in one place, resulting in less slipping and sliding so that users can experience interruption-less gaming. The game mode lets the gamers play without any disturbance. With the Arx Control app, users can keep themselves up to date with the PC’s essentials, system statistics, in-game information and much more right on their phone or tablet.


Overall, the keys have been engineered mostly for gamers and all the caps of the keys have been cautiously engineered to assist preventing typos. By individual key illumination, gamers can have convenience during playing. Its best bit is its nine quick access G-keys, which give favorable pace and rapid accessibility to your favorite games or programs.

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Logitech G910 Orion Spark
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Awesome keyboard by Logitech. Well rounded features, anti ghosting and solid mechanical keys, that feel very durable. Overall a decent keyboard, useful to any gamer.


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