Logitech K800 Wireless Keyboard Review

Logitech’s K800 is a wireless keyboard that gives an excellent typing experience because of its amazingly comfortable and illuminated keys. Illuminated keyboards are very useful when you have to work or perform any other task late at night. In this review, we will outline the design, features and performance of this keyboard to see how it has become the perfect choice for those people who work day and night.


This keyboard has an elegantly sleek design with an all-plastic chassis. It has a matte-finished outer perimeter and sufficient space for palm or wrist rest at the lower side of the keyboard. It has durable concave keys with softly rounded edges. Overall, it is a slim keyboard that can fit into any office desk conveniently. It can also be stood upright because of its wedge shape, allowing it to save desk space when you are not using it. Moreover, it can be hooked to a notebook or PC. It has twelve function keys at the top which launches additional functions when you press the FN key, placed between the right Ctrl and Alt button.


Apart from being wireless, the main feature of this keyboard is its illuminated keys. It has laser-etched backlit keys which permit you to type easily even in the dark because it provides illuminated characters. It also has a monitor sensor that detects the user’s hands whenever they are near the keys and controls the brightness in response to ambient light. The user can also manage the level of brightness. Moreover, its battery can last for ten days after being fully charged through a USB cable. If a user is unable to use the cable for charging this device, they can put 2 AA batteries in its battery case.

Also, it is an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard which allows you to use it anywhere, whether at the office or on your comfy couch. It has a long-range wireless connection which virtually reduces dropouts, delays, and interference. The additional function keys also allow you to launch an e-mail client, control the level of brightness, sound or media files, and much more.


The K800 supports a full-size layout. This means that all the keys are exactly where you are used to, allowing you to type comfortably and quickly. Furthermore, this keyboard supports easy storage and provides a great space-saving feature. Whenever you want free space on your desk, you can place your keyboard vertically or in a standup position. To save battery, its sensors detects the user’s hands as they move near the keyboard and gradually illuminates the key. When the hands move away, it automatically turns off the light.


  • Batteries can be recharged with a microUSB cord.
  • Comfy light-touch key system.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Automatically adjustable backlit keys.
  • Power saving features.
  • Unifying technology allows it to connect with multiple devices with a single plug.


  • Pricey.
  • Battery case is not a snap-on case but closed with a screw. People who use non-rechargeable batteries might have issues in changing the batteries again and again.

logitech k800

Logitech K800
  • Design
  • Performance


When it comes to a non-gaming keyboard, the K800 is, no doubt, a little expensive. On the other hand, it has remarkable features like space-saving design, automatic illumination, and more that a normal keyboard might be unable to provide.


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