Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Gaming Keyboard Review

The Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Edition is Razer’s signature mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is an extremely durable mechanical keyboard with a very visually appealing look to the modern day gamer. All key’s are back lit with the green Razer LED’s however, you can get blue LED’s or even a chromatic selection of colors if you buy specific editions.

With this keyboard, don’t expect to be loosing out to your friends in typeracer! The buttons feel very solid and durable, and will allow you to type at lightning fast speeds, keystrokes register very easily and have a very distinct “clicking” sound to them when buttons are pressed, to let the user know that the key has been registered.

Comfort and Feel of the Keyboard

The keyboard is very comfortable to use. Many keyboards can give you RSI(repetitive strain injury) however when using this keyboard it feels very natural and very easy to adjust to, therefore RSI is not likely, and your fingers and hands won’t cramp up! The keys are very solid and mechanical and you can easily tell when one is pressed, so you won’t have to tap keys repeatedly to get them to register, making the usability and comfort even better! The only downside is there is no area to rest your wrists on, with can be seen with other Razer keyboards.

Technical Aspects of the Keyboard

This keyboard is simply one of the best in the world when it comes to its job. It can survive over 60Million keystrokes during its lifetime, at 375 keystrokes every minute it would take over 2667 hours of constant usage to even have a chance of breaking the keyboard. The keyboard does not suffer from any ghosting issues. The keys register in a very quick time frame. The actuation point of the keys is around 1.9mm and the actuation against the reset point is 0.4mm.

The Visuals and Aestethics of the Keyboard

The back lit keys is the first thing you will notice with the keyboard and you can configure these to be on or off with the FN+F11 or F12 keys to turn them on and off retrospectively. The sleek design is very smooth, and it is one of Razer’s better looking keyboards when comparing it to some others in their range. The color’s can be changed to blue and chroma with different editions of the keyboard, but the default is green.



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