Roccat Horde AIMO Gaming Keyboard Review

When doing weekend gaming marathons, having a low-end keyboard can place you at a disadvantage. You’ll be slower, less responsive, and your mouse will be unable to keep up with your competition. In order to survive in today’s multiplayer environment, you need a mouse that can help you do so.

That’s where the Roccat Horde Aimo Keyboard steps in. Gamers like this keyboard due to its precise key registration, LED light control, and other customizable options. Look at this review to see more about this keyboard and see if its a great fit for you.


On the top edge of the keyboard shows the Aimo’s best features, the Windows dial, and ancillary buttons. Roccat has taken it further by creating a customizable wheel placed right on the board. Next, to its usual assortment of media keys, there are individual buttons used for adjusting brightness level, RGB effects, mic level, and volume.

Regarding performance, the Roccat Horde Aimo keyboard acts more membranical than mechanical. It’s 1.2 automation rating makes the keyboard easy and satisfying to type on. Because of this, users can use the keyboard to type faster than most island keyboards.

The speed of the Horde Aimo’s macro keys is slightly above 5 ms, making it ideal for quickly sending personal commands. And it uses enhanced that can register an unlimited amount of keystrokes a minute. This prevents your keyboard command lag and allows you to utilize the device fully.

The Horde Aimo is a large keyboard measuring at 18.5 x 9.0. This means that it takes up a large amount of desk real estate. With its removable wrist rest, you can adjust it to your mouse positioning to ensure that your hand stays relaxed during gameplay.

The Roccat Horde Aimo is a membrane keyboard. For instance, it doesn’t have key switches – Instead, you’re mashing down on rubber domes. Due to its plastic build construction, it’s portable and easier to carry than mechanical keyboards.

Using the Roccat’s Swarm software is straightforward and allows gamers to add macros easily. Swarm also includes an option to create “sound feedback” to keypresses. This allows you to create your own custom sounds effects such as alien noises or typewriter sounds each time you type.

Under the General Features section, you’ll find Sound Feedback and Game Profiles. The gamer profiles allow you to apply custom settings to the applications and games you’re choosing. The sound feedback allows you to create unique sounds to enhance your gaming experience further.

roccat horde aimoIt allows users to add another custom tool option to its Dial menu. This lets you assign three functions to the left and right rotation such as multiple keyboard settings, including individual numbers, letters, or Fn keys.

One advantage of Roccat Horde Aimo has over other its competition is its keyboard height. Roccat placed the height of these keys lower than its main keyboards, which eliminates incorrect key presses you’ll find in this setup.

Another benefit is its ability to spread out the RGB lighting, which is located in the center of the key dome. And we like how it has a quiet operation. While it’s not completely silent, but it’s quieter than full-travel membrane keyboards.

  • Good Game Performance
  • Intuitive Software
  • Reprogrammable Keys

  • Dim lighting

Roccat Horde AIMO


You should look into the Roccat Horde Aimo Keyboard if you want something that’s responsive and intuitive. The membranical keys increase your typing precision while its island layout prevents dirt from getting into the keys. Try this keyboard out if you are trying to have a near professional gaming experience in the comfort of your own home.


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