ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

ROCCAT is a leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals with a prominent existence in the global market. The company was established in 2007 in Germany and since then, has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality keyboards, mice, and headsets.

One of its top-quality product is the RYOS MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard intended for professional and amateur gamers and it’s argued that the MK Pro is competing to be the best gaming keyboard. It is very comparable to a Blackwidow Ultimate in terms of performance.


RYOS MK Pro is a black keyboard that glows with a blue backlight behind each key, and various programmable macro keys that enable the players to customize their gameplay with super-fast controls. The smudge-resistant finish of the black plastic deck and keycaps reduces the appearance of fingerprints. Moreover, the keyboard has an extra-wide built-in wrist rest to provide extra support.


The RYOS series features on-board processing to manage numerous programmable macros, various lighting options, and N-key rollover without a hiccup. However, the RYOS MK Pro takes things a step further by introducing two ARM Cortex processors and 2 MB onboard memory. Whether this will double the pleasure and fun is under consideration, but one thing is for sure and that is the twin processors are more than enough for all embellishments.

The RYOS MK Pro has various features for professional gamers. Firstly, there are numerous macro options available. The keyboard itself contains eight macro keys, five on the left side of the keyboard numbered M1-M5 and three located just below the space bar known as “Thumbster keys” numbered T1-T3. In addition to these eight macro keys, the user can change any letter key to a macro key using the Roccat’s Easy-Shift[+] key.

A USB-Y cable connects the keyboard to your laptop or computer. The six feet long cable has braided shielding to prevent it from tangling. The keyboard also features two USB 2.0 ports and connections for microphone and headphone, making it easier for the user to connect headsets or mouse without going behind the PC.

Furthermore, there are lighting keys which provide far more customization options than just adjusting their brightness. The individually backlit keys can be set with various preset lighting modes, with possibilities like lighting specific keys for in-game controls, lighting active keys in a macro string, and using the entire keyboard as an extended version of the game, flashing for indicating damage and lighting up from left to right as a health gauge. The options are limitless as the RYOS MK Pro comes with its SDK, so if you can make up some basic code, then you can customize all 110 glowing keys.

The RYOS MK Pro works with Windows but requires users to download drivers, which aren’t compatible with Linux and Mac systems.


The RYOS MK Pro keyboard functions flawlessly. The Cherry MX Brown switches used need only 55g of activation weight compared to 60g activation weight required for Cherry MX Black switches.

The lightweight mechanical switches are fast and responsive, never letting the gamer slow down due to their keyboard.


The individually backlit keys and the countless customization it allows makes RYOS MK Pro one of the most versatile keyboards. Furthermore, the solid construction, built-in features, and incredibly granular customization it offers makes it one of the leading gaming keyboards.

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A powerful gaming keyboard from ROCCAT. Advanced mechanical cherry switches. Overall well rounded keyboard.


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