SteelSeries 64450 Apex 300 Gaming Keyboard Review

A gamer is always looking for the perfect accessories to make their gaming experience better. The SteelSeries 64450 Apex 300 gaming keyboard is one of those gaming keyboards that should be on every gamer’s wish list.


The keyboard has a length of 20.05-inch, width of around 8.66-inch, and thickness of 2.47-inch and weighs around 2.7 pounds. From the dimensions, it is easy to conclude that this product is wider than an average keyboard and takes more space on the desk. There is a wrist rest underneath the keyboard which is non-removable, unlike other gaming keyboards. The left side of this product houses 5 programmable keys and 2 macro layer keys as well as a rather large ESC button. Above the function keys, there is a horizontal array of some small macro keys. The keyboard follows the QWERTY standard and has a quite large spacebar. On the right side of the keyboard are direction keys and all the other standard keys. The difference between the right side of this keyboard and normal keyboard is the two extra direction keys, which are used for diagonal navigation. Just above the number keys is the logo of the company.


The Apex 300 provides its users with the anti-ghosting technology that can work with up to 20 keys that are located in areas that can be easily accessed by the users. The user can press up to six keys at once, and the keyboard will register them all in perfect order without ever locking your keyboard. There is also a special bump on the W key which allows the user to shift to other keys as quickly as possible. There are more keys here than an average keyboard to enhance your gaming experience. The diagonal keys will make diagonal movement much faster and the 17 macro keys on this keyboard can contain up to 3 macros each.


The user is provided with 17 macros instead of 15. There are 12 macros buttons above the function keys which are rather small but are slightly raised, making them easy to use in combination with the function keys. A special key makes sure that the Windows key is locked, which comes quite handy while playing. Furthermore, the illumination settings offer eight different levels and the highest setting is bright enough to make the keyboard illuminated in even the darkest of rooms. The swappable feet that come with the keyboard allows the user to elevate the keyboard according to their comfort level.

However, the size of the keyboard may be problematic for some users as they prefer normal-sized keyboards.

steelseries 64450 300

SteelSeries 64450 Apex 300
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This gaming keyboard has many advantages over other gaming keyboards. The major advantage is the macros above the function keys; even though they are smaller in size, they work perfectly in combination with the function keys. The keyboard also has membrane keys which might be the only problem in this keyboard.


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