SteelSeries 64720 Apex M750 Gaming Keyboard Review

For hardcore gamers, having a responsive gaming keyboard is crucial. Gaming keyboards help you bind your keys and create macros to help further enhance your gaming experience. Fortunately, the SteelSeries 64720 Gaming Keyboard has you covered. Keep reading this review to find out how this keyboard works!

SteelSeries 64720 Gaming Keyboard

With its streamlined design and responsive keys, the Steel Series 64720 Gaming Keyboard might be worth considering if you’re into the tournament scene. The keyboard has comfortable keys and an attractive design, making it a great gaming keyboard for new gamers and beginners.

The more substantive features of the keyboard is its SteelSeries Engine 3 Software. This system allows users to reprogram their keys, make profiles from each game, and control the RGB lighting. Thus, making this a very versatile gaming keyboard that you can use for your late night MMO grind.

One thing that Steel Series promises is an optimal in-game performance, and this laptop delivers. The keys are good for games such as Starcraft Remastered and Overwatch. With this laptop, you’ll find it easier to play popular FPS gaming titles in the comfort of your laptop.

This device is no stranger to single player games. For instance, you can play Batman Arkham Asylum and Sling multiple arrows as a Demon Hunter on Diablo III. So, you’ll be able to receive a lot of gameplay time when using this gaming keyboard.

The M750 uses the QX2 key switches: a Gatreon switch that’s designed for comfort and speed. The keys are loud and provide a bit of spring back. There might be some getting used to, but the keyboard does help users become more efficient at their video games.

Created with Forge 5000 Series aluminum metal, it’s a keyboard that’s simplistic and durable. SteelSeries 64720 Apex M750With its beautiful black matte finish, the keyboard is a great showpiece for your gaming setup.

However, there are a few flaws associated with the device. Some reviewers stated that the keyboard has a compact, 10-keyless design which means improved ergonomics and optimizes the spacing between your mouse and keyboard, resulting in an improved range of motion.

The SteelSeries 64720 Gaming Keyboard is great for the eSports fan. All of the basic pieces are set in place, and its software (i.e., the apps section) has the potential to grow over time. There’s no guarantee that this keyboard will help you dominate the tournament scene, but it’s a useful tool if you ever decide to try.

  • Microphone/Headphone Jack included
  • Dual Speakers
  • Lightweight Size

  • Limited RAM memory
  • Small Storage Space

SteelSeries 64720


For casual and hardcore gamers, the SteelSeries 64720 Gaming Keyboard is a one of a kind. The keyboard has a responsive layout, beautiful LED settings, and allows users to customize their keybindings so they can fully utilize their games. Conclusively, you should get this keyboard if you want a functional accessory to help you in your gaming journey.


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