Turtle Beach Impact 500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

A gamer’s experience is not complete unless he has the perfect keyboard backing him up. This keyboard needs to have soft keys, a high-end yet comfortable design, and a lesser travel distance. The keys should also ensure that there are no missed moves and that gamers do not mistake one for the other while playing. One such keyboard that fits the entire description is the Turtle Beach Impact 500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is built for an intense gaming session and is one of the finest models you can find in any store.

Turtle Beach Impact 500 Gaming Keyboard
List Price:$39.99
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Design and Features

Beginning the Turtle Beach Impact 500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review, the version comes with fewer keys (84 keys), which makes sure that the keyboard is smaller in size and does not take too much space on your desk. The distance between the different keys is also less due to its minimalistic design, which is of significant advantage for gamers as the time of reach between keys becomes relatively shorter. To ensure that you get an actual gaming experience and that you do not miss out on any move, the keyboard comes with blue Cherry MX switches, which makes sure that you perform with more precision and make only minor mistakes while playing.

An impressive feature of the keyboard is the six-key rollover, which is backed by an anti-ghosting feature which ensures that moving the fingers at a rapid speed does not drop any instruction or miss any significant moves. The keyboard also comes with a rubberized coating that gives it a great finish and looks while ensuring a good grip. It is also easy to set up; you only need to plug it in, and you are ready to go. An added advantage of the keyboard is the USB ports and braided cables, which ensure that the keyboard connects to various gaming accessories and that the cables do not get tangled.

Performance and Quality

Rated as one of the best keyboards to play with, it has been given a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5. It has also received a lot of positive feedback and has many satisfied customers. The keyboard is one of the best quality devices that you will find and performs really well. It is built from steel-reinforced chassis, which ensures that the keyboard is highly durable and is stable to use. The keyboard performance is up to par as it has soft, bouncy keys. It also performs well during a gaming session as it ensures that there are no missed moves. To make it certain that users get a full gaming experience, it has input outlets that work well and it provides quality sound when connected to earphones.

  • Comes with Cherry MX blue key switches
  • The keys are very soft
  • Has a six-key rollover including anti-ghosting
  • It is user-friendly and easy to install
  • It ensures that there is a smaller keyboard footprint

  • The width of the backspace key is a little small
  • Does not come with any backlight

Turtle Beach Impact 500
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The Turtle Beach Impact 500 has a minimalist layout and design, performs exceptionally well and is a great gaming keyboard built by a fantastic manufacturer, we highly recommend this gaming keyboard.


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