Turtle Beach Impact 700 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

When you are gaming, you tend to lose focus of the power with which you tap your keyboard. Also, your movements are so fast that there are chances that you might hit a key that will cause interruptions in your game. It due to these reasons that a gamer ensures he has one of the best keyboards. One such keyboard is the Turtle Beach Impact 700 Premium Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard provides gamers with the stability and durability that they expect from a gaming keyboard.

Turtle Beach Impact 700 Review

Design and Features

This full-sized 104-key keyboard allows you to stretch your fingers while you play. This is one of the main features that ensures you do not witness any problems in your fingers while playing or working with the keyboard. The design of the keyboard is stunning with engraved letters that allow you to feel the letters in case there is not much lighting present around you. The keyboard is made up of Cherry MX brown key switch technology that makes sure the keys are super responsive and soft and do not get stuck or become difficult to press when you are using it for intense and repeated taps. Probably the best feature of the keyboard, it comes with 2 USN ports, allowing you to connect your audio and let it pass through. It also has mic jacks, so when you are playing, you can simply connect all your gaming accessories and start with an excellent gaming experience.

A few of the most impressive features of the keyboard include the six-key rollover, which comes along with the anti-ghosting technology so that when you are playing games on full throttle, you can be sure that you will not miss any keystroke or make any other mistake. The keyboard also has a distinctive black shine that gives it a great look.

Performance and Quality

The quality of the keyboard is one of the finest as its chassis is made up of steel and contains a keycap plate made up of gunmetal. All these add to ensure that the keyboard is made up of top quality material that is durable and long lasting. The keyboard also provides its users with stability to make sure the gaming session does not get interrupted in any way. The performance of the keyboard is one of the finest that you will witness as its keys are incredibly soft. Furthermore, there are fewer chances of you developing a hand injury thanks to the wideness of the board. Closing the Turtle Beach Impact 700 Premium Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard review, overall, the keyboard ensures that you do not miss any moves or have any interruptions during a good gaming session.

  • Comes with Cherry MX brown key switches
  • You can connect various gaming accessories with the keyboard
  • Has a six-key rollover including anti-ghosting
  • A full-sized 104-key keyboard

  • The height of the enter key is a bit bigger than the rest
  • Does not come with any backlight

Turtle Beach Impact 700
  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The Turtle Beach Impact 700 gaming keyboard is a high end mechanical keyboard utilizing the new cherry brown switches, producing fast responsive typing and key presses. The backlit keys give the keyboard an aesthetically pleasing look, with the sleek black design.


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