Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM Laptop Review

There are so many different kinds of laptops on the market, and you often have to choose between different price ranges. From the ultra-expensive gaming laptops that can cost up to 3000 dollars, down to the lowliest Chromebooks at 100 dollars, you need to find the right model for your needs. Today, we’ll be reviewing an affordable choice from Acer.


If you’re looking for a budget laptop, you have quite a few hurdles to jump through, but none of them are as challenging as finding a model that will be reliable. Thankfully, it seems like Acer understands the plight of those of us who want a laptop that is affordable, as they released this model.

The Acer Aspire E 15 is not designed to be a workhorse laptop that will get all tasks done at the same time, though you can upgrade it to get a little bit closer to that standard. This laptop is instead designed to give you a portable platform that runs Windows reliably for the lowest price possible.

To this end, the computer is equipped with an Intel i3 processor, which is nothing special, but it also isn’t weak. This processor may not be the best choice for gaming or video editing, but you’ll be able to run the vast majority of programs without any hiccups or other issues due to a lack of processing power.

This laptop also comes with a 1TB hard drive, which may lack the speed of an SSD, but at least it provides you with a reasonable amount of storage space. Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BMMany users will never find themselves testing the limits of this hard drive unless they have a huge collection of video clips or other heavy files.

One of the more impressive inclusions with this laptop was the DVD drive, which you don’t see very often. If you still have any discs lying around, you’ll be able to take full advantage of them with the dual-layer drive that comes mounted on this laptop.

When it comes to cons, the primary issue is the relative lack of performance, but that’s what you would expect from a laptop available at such a low price. Another problem is that the plastic construction doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

  • 15.6” screen offers full HD quality
  • i3 processor provides a blend of performance and affordability
  • Storage capacity of 1TB
  • The battery can last for up to 12 hours of use
  • Comes included with a double-layer DVD drive
  • Upgradeable hard drive and RAM

  • Build quality can use some work
  • Performance is nothing special

Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM


If you need the most affordable Windows laptop that you can get your hands on, and you insist on better quality than you get from bottom-of-the-barrel offerings, then this is the model for you. We hope that this review has been able to give you a good idea of what this laptop can offer.


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