Asus 15.6” Premium AMD A10-8700P Gaming Laptop Review

The Asus AMD A10-8700P serves as one of the latest additions to Asus’s range of laptops. Praised for its affordable price, it has succeeded in impressing its tech-savvy customer base. Its durable battery life and high screen resolution have made it a popular choice among other brands in the same price range.

Asus AMD A10-8700P Review


Asus is known to develop laptops which are pleasing to the eye, and this laptop delivers just that. Available in black and silver color, this laptop is aesthetically pleasing. Its 15.6-inch LED screen along with its sleek exterior makes it an attractive choice for those craving for high resolution. Being light in weight ensures its easy portability, which has played an integral part in customer satisfaction.



With built-in Windows 10, the foundation of this laptop’s performance is its high speed. It has 1.8 GHz speed owing to its fast quad-core processor. This speed can go up to 3.2 GHz, a dream come true for every laptop user. On top of that, an 8 GB of RAM further boosts its speed, leading to a faster processing experience compared to its fellow competing laptops. The 1920×1080 HD resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio make it an optimum choice for watching movies and videos while enjoying the crisp picture quality. For the price demanded, the Asus AMD A10-8700P provides a satisfactory performance.


Asus laptops are known not to compromise on quality, and this one helps Asus live up to its promise of a premium experience. It not only provides a great laptop experience due to its high speed but delivers superior quality as well. It comes with a high-quality built-in webcam with microphone. Such a webcam coupled with the high resolution of videos ensures effective and clear communication. The quality of the communication is further elevated by the built-in integrated stereo speakers, which guarantee great audio. The standard keyboard is receptive to the slightest pressure, further strengthening its position as a user-friendly laptop.


Pros and cons

While some customers feel that it is not sturdy enough, others might argue that its light weight adds to its portability. Customers also feel Asus should develop laptops at the current price range with keyboards that light up. Asus AMD A10-8700P’s lack of such a keyboard renders it incapable of being used in the dark. However, its affordable price outweighs the cons mentioned above since users believe that they are getting a fair amount of benefits for the cost. Its abundance of RAM along with extended battery life make it a good choice for students as well as gamers. For those who have the tendency to use an array of laptops due to rough handling, this laptop may prove to be durable and fairly robust.


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