Acer BE270U 27″ 2560×1440 Monitor Review

Acer is popular across the globe for manufacturing quality and inexpensive products. It is known for its computer-related products such as desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, smartphones, tablets, and much more. Due to comparatively better rates, it is being preferred by many customers. Below is the detailed review of Acer 27″ 2560×1440 widescreen display.

Acer BE270U Review


The Acer 2560×1440 monitor has a very sleek and straightforward design. Due to its minimalistic approach, the device looks classy and sophisticated. Unnecessary accentuation makes a device lose its charm unless the device is a gaming product. Since this monitor isn’t particularly a gaming product, a simple design is perfect for it. Moreover, it has a 27-inch screen that is pretty slim and lightweight.

The bezels of this monitor are very thin, giving it a clean and nice overall profile. Furthermore, the stand is very simplistic with a box-shaped cut in between to hold the device properly and conveniently. It also has a great-looking IPS panel. In general, this monitor is a decent looking device with a simple design and great build quality.

Apart from that, it has a Wide Quad High-Definition (WQHD) screen that provides users with a fantastic image quality. Since it has a 2560×1440 screen size, users will be able to get clear and crisp images, which are entirely jitter free. It also has an excellent color and contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 and brightness of 350 nits, making all the pictures and videos more vibrant than ever. Also, it has a built-in USB device and possesses a USB port as well as a DisplayPort.



The Acer BE270U monitor is a good-quality product that renders outstanding performance. Its IPS panel offers superior viewing angles and excellent quality of the image as compared to the TN panels. It is surely not a dedicated gaming monitor and neither does it have a high refresh rate or aimed towards gamers. However, if a casual player needs a monitor for normal purposes and not just for playing endless games, it is a good option.

Mainly, this device is aimed towards the professional audience. For instance, photo editors or other experienced working people who require a good monitor will like it. Due to the clear image and vibrant colors as well as avoidance of distortion of the picture, graphic designers and individuals from a similar field can get many benefits from this monitor. Hence, if we consider its performance from the perspective of a professional, then this monitor is an ideal choice.



  • It is a perfect monitor for professionals.
  • It provides an excellent combination of superb color definition and ultra-high resolution screen.
  • It possesses EyeProtect technology.
  • It has an almost borderless zero-frame design so that users can work comfortably with a larger and better screen view.


  • Even though Acer tries to provide products at lower prices, this monitor is pretty expensive as compared to similar products from its competitors.


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