AOC C3583FQ 35-inch VA Curved LED Monitor Review

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art gaming monitor that delivers on all fronts and offers the best viewing experience, the AOC C3583FQ VA Curved LED Gaming Monitor is the perfect candidate. Its enormous 35-inch display will ensure that you enjoy your favorite games to the fullest. AOC is known for delivering monitors that deliver an immersive visual experience, and this one lives up to the billing as well.

AOC C3583FQ Review


With a curved panel, your viewing experience improves drastically. This happens because the human eyes aren’t flat and don’t perceive the world in straight lines or shapes. Instead, they perceive it in curves and angles. With curved monitors, you get the best viewable angles and as a result, your viewing experience gets more immersive, be it gaming, work or movies.

The AOC C3583FQ combines the curved panel technology with the stunning resolutions of up to 2560×1080 to deliver an Ultra HD experience like never before. Its VA panels ensure extra-wide viewing angles so that you can enjoy color accuracy and uniformity at all angles. It delivers a 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a response time of 4ms which smoothens the gaming experience.

With its curved design, the monitor is even more impressive in multi-monitor setups because the curved edges allow for borders to flow and blend completely into each other. The resulting peripheral vision realism makes the entire gaming experience lifelike.



The 35-inch Curved LED monitor is extremely slim and weighs very light for its size and build. The extra narrow bezel also improves its standing, but the monitor doesn’t have a VESA mounting feature. The ergonomics and flexibility of the design are commendable and make gaming easier and much more fun for the users.

The slim and sleek monitor with the LED-lit display doesn’t compromise when it comes to connections. It offers all the display connection ports including the HDMI-MHL and DisplayPort. The monitor also features two built-in speakers to deliver an immersive audio experience as well as a headphone out for those who prefer to enjoy their gaming audio through headphones.



  • DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA and Dual DVI connections provided on the monitor, making it universal.
  • Curved design forms approximately 180-degree viewing proximity and deliver various great viewing angles.
  • Smooth, fast and seamless gaming experience with no stuttering or ghosting during the game.
  • Superb color saturation and rendering as well as outstanding crisp and bright images.
  • TFT Active Matrix VA Curved Panel with LED backlight display.


  • No swiveling or height adjustment capabilities as only the monitor’s base tilts.
  • Only the monitor can be placed as it’s not compatible with a VESA mount.


  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


AOC has launched a very powerful, resourceful, and top-rated product with the C3583FQ 35-inch Curved LED Monitor. It combines some great features such as a high refresh rate, low response time, FreeSync technology and high resolution to deliver a smooth and fast gaming experience filled with crisp, vibrant, and detailed pictures as well as flawless motion.


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