AOC U2879VF 28” 4K UHD 2160p Monitor Review

When it comes to monitors, you’ll find some very great options, but not all of them are affordable. If you’re on the lookout for a UHD 4K monitor that won’t cost you as much as all the other pricey options available, the AOC U2879VF is a great pick. It’s rare to find a 4K UHD display for such an affordable price.

The U2879VF features a 28″ display size which combines with the 4K Ultra-HD resolution to deliver highly detailed and super sharp images. The 2160p monitor by AOC features the 10-bit Deep Color panel that displays more than a billion hues simultaneously. The result is natural shading and superb realism with extra-sharp images and color rendering.

AOC U2879VF Review


When it comes to delivering a visually impressive performance, AOC U2879VF delivers more than most products. Featuring a 28-inch LED-lit display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4K 2160p resolution, the monitor is ideal for watching videos, working on spreadsheets or documents, and even for gaming purposes thanks to its amazingly fast response time.

The monitor delivers fast-moving action in games, videos, and movies without blurring or lagging at all. The monitor is fully compatible with the AMD FreeSync technology, which eliminates stuttering and tearing by matching the signals to the screen timing accurately. The monitor is designed to display darker images with great clarity and depth as its ultra-high dynamic contrast adjusts the brightness intelligently.

What makes it perfect for gaming is the AMD FreeSync technology, but it’s not just a gaming monitor and is ideal for entertainment and work purposes as well.

The monitor delivers an immersive viewing experience which is why it’s considered to be a steal at such a low price. With its Ultra-HD display and 4K resolution, the monitor delivers a satisfying and uncompromised viewing experience.



The monitor features a slim and sleek build and a very aesthetic combination of black and silver finish. The monitor’s sleek design is sure to add to the aesthetics of your workplace or your home. The monitor’s black screen and silver stand combination ensure that it gets full points for the design.

It also offers an exhaustive range of input connectors that includes a fast DisplayPort, HDMI port, and even a dual-link DVI port, making the monitor compatible with almost every device. It also features an audio jack that you can use to attach additional speakers or use headphones.



  • Ultra-HD display monitor with FreeSync technology.
  • Stylish and sleek design with a lightweight build.
  • Multiple input connectors and audio jack available.
  • Affordable Ultra-HD monitor with a fast response rate.


  • No built-in speakers.
  • No mounting holes present and no adaptability to other stands or mounts.
  • Vertical viewing angle is poor.


  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


What makes the AOC U2879VF a desirable product is that it offers a 4K resolution monitor at an affordable price. Overall, it’s a very stylish and useful monitor that will be a perfect fit for your workplace or home, and the FreeSync technology makes it viable for gamers as well.


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