ASUS PB328Q 32-inch Monitor Review

The quality of your monitor will make or break the work that you are trying to get done with the help of a computer. If you do not have a monitor that ensures a great picture and an excellent resolution, even picking out mistakes in your project can be a hassle. A quality monitor that brings a wide array of features and fantastic image quality is the ASUS PB328Q monitor.

ASUS PB328Q Review

Design and Features

Starting with the ASUS PB328Q monitor review, this user-friendly machine is one of the best monitors to use if you are planning on working on projects that involve a lot of image editing. It is also good to be used by gamers. The monitor comes in a giant size of 32 inches and has many features that ensure all your requirements are fulfilled. The 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle ensures that you get the best image quality and excellent performance regarding the visuals. It has also been ergonomically designed so that the monitor will last for a long time and makes certain that you can very quickly adjust the position of the screen. Wall-hanging capabilities have also been added to the screen, so if you want to have a more comfortable view of the screen, you can simply stick it to the wall. The screen also comes with the latest eye care technology that ensures your eyes do not get tired when you have been working on the computer for a long time. The eye care technology includes a blue light filter and is flicker free which makes it work well.

Equipped with a 2560×1440 resolution and an sRGB coloring, the screen delivers quality image and graphics, which provide users with actual visual experiences. There are also several input outlets present in the machine so that you can attach any hardware you feel. This includes display ports, USBs, DVI-D, D-Sub, and HDMI.

This monitor comes with six different color adjustments, an OSD joystick, narrow bezel, and a few other features which add up to make the machine great.


Performance and Quality

By far, it is one of the best monitors on the market. You will be pleased to find out that it serves an excellent performance while ensuring top quality. The screen is made up of sturdy material and incredible features that allow users to take full advantage. Be it gaming or using the monitor for various projects, you will find it easy to use and control with excellent image quality. The adjustability of the controls and the monitor itself is the cherry on top as only a few monitors have been rated this high regarding design and performance.



  • Comes with an OSD joystick
  • Has excellent resolution and image quality
  • You can hang it on the wall as well
  • One of the best eye care technologies
  • A broad range of input outlets are available


  • Some people may feel that the frame rate is low


  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


The ASUS PB328Q monitor is a excellent 32-inch monitor providing exceptional performance, designed by ASUS with a sleek design and good build quality, you simply cannot go wrong with this monitor.


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