ASUS ROG SWIFT 34-inch Curved G-SYNC Gaming Monitor Review

Asus ROG is an established name in the world of gaming monitors, and the Asus ROG Swift is the new flagship of this range. This curved 34-inch Asus ROG Swift monitor is designed to be the best in the business, and it very much succeeds in doing that.

With its immense 34-inch display, your gaming experience will change forever. ROG Swift’s 3440×1440 resolution and its curved wide IPS panel deliver an unmatched and immersive gaming experience. It promises all the gamers that this is the only curve they need and it’s very hard to disagree.



Asus ROG Swift is designed to deliver immersive visuals, but it does much more than that. It expands your scope, allows faster target acquisition, and not just improves your gaming experience but also betters your performance. Equipped with powerful display tech and Nvidia G-Sync technology, the ROG Swift delivers seamless and smooth gameplay with its 100Hz refresh rate.

The monitor is much more than just a curved HD monitor. It’s a QuadHD display with an ultra-wide IPS panel and some of the very best Asus features that will truly revolutionize your gaming experience.

It also features flicker-free, low blue light mode Asus EyeCare functionality to protect your eyes from fatigue when it comes to marathon gaming. The monitor features an ultra-wide QHD panel, 21:9 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 109 ppi. All of these specs combine to give you 35% more space than an average WQHD display.

With its IPS panel, the Asus ROG Swift delivers vibrant, immersive, and lifelike images and its 100Hz refresh rate makes sure that you get a gaming experience deprived of motion blur and screen tearing.



To top all its specs, the ROG Swift’s armored design makes it a monitor that is unmatched. Its frameless design and exquisite color scheme that is made even better by the built-in light effects provide an aesthetically pleasing ambiance to your gaming rig.

Whether you plan on using a single monitor or a multi-monitor configuration, the ergonomics of this monitor are ideal for both. The ROG Swift offers maximum neck comfort as you can make height adjustments and tilt or swivel the monitor to your liking.

With its eye protection feature, superb ergonomic support and inexplicable attention to aesthetic detail, ROG Swift takes full marks in the design department.



  • High-powered gaming monitor with curved technology and a QHD 34-inch display.
  • Seamless gaming action and immersive and lifelike images.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design, and the eye protection feature is also available.
  • Nvidia G-Sync technology eliminates display stutter and screen tearing and reduces the input lag.


  • Very pricey and only suitable for the most sophisticated of gaming setups.
  • The response time of 5ms is slower as compared to other gaming monitors.
  • No audio input jack.


  • Design & Quality
  • Performance


When it comes to gaming at the highest level, Asus ROG Swift is, hands down, the best choice. It’s all about maximizing the gaming experience to deliver something so immersive and lifelike that you’ll not regret spending more than a thousand bucks on this monitor.


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