ASUS VS228T-P 21.5″ Gaming Monitor Review

The ASUS VS228T-P is designed for exceptional picture quality. Since it is an HD LED monitor, the contrast level and image sharpness are remarkable. It was launched in 2014 at a price of $104.18 and has received a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon.


The product aims to be delicate and slim. The frame is firm and made of a quality and smooth material which attracts consumers. The monitor’s sturdiness makes it a reliable and durable product to use. Along with this, the HD LED feature makes the interface much more eye-catching and entertaining.

The screen is 21.5″ wide. On the other hand, the product dimensions are 22.3″ x 5.1″ x 17.4″. It weighs 9.8 pounds, whereas the shipping weight is 11.5 pounds. There are two input ports: DVI and D-Sub.


  • The ASUS VS228T-P has an instant response time of 5ms; this ensures that video playing is a smooth process.
  • Users have various options to choose from regarding their mode of display such as 4:3 and Full. These let you enjoy full-length films and games without any interruptions and loss of data.
  • The monitor has Smart View technology, which allows you to adjust the color setting according to your needs and ensures that you receive the same picture quality for all channels and programs.
  • The Splendid Video Intelligence Technology improves contrast, brightness, sharpness, and colors to improve video playing and image quality.
  • The product has a spectacular contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1 which makes the figures on your screen pop out and seem real.


  • The size of the monitor is ideal for various desks and purposes. All users have praised it and how convenient it is for them.
  • The product is quite economical; it provides users with excellent quality at such a low price.


  • The monitor is slightly wobbly when touched.
  • While playing shooting games, there is a faint time lag.
  • Some users were not satisfied with the fact that the monitor does not have an HDMI port.


The ASUS VS228T-P has not received a lower rating than four stars on Amazon by all its users. Every ASUS customer has praised this monitor. You can easily connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to the product to make all your tasks quicker and easier.

The color display is just outstanding; every shade is vibrant and clear and along with this, it seems like the images are popping out of the screen, giving a life-like effect. The response time is also quite smooth and efficient. Despite the fact that it does not have an IPS display, the viewing angles are still impressive.


  • Design
  • Performance


The ASUS VS228T-P is an excellent choice when shopping for an economical and user-friendly monitor. It has many solid reviews, and its performance is outstanding. It has sound features and can take your gaming experience to the next level.


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